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Like I said, I didn’t actually get an option.

I have a theory, but I don’t understand code. Anyway, it may be that when you unlock too many endings, some of them will become unavailable.

Possibly. When is the option supposed to pop up? It could be that I didn’t see it.

It is simply supposed to be available when you choose how to deal with the antagonist.

Try to reproduce this bug, and when you should be challenging him, if the option isn’t there, take a screenie and post it in the bugs thread.

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In the black hole or when you decide whether to surrender, fight, or make peace?

When you decide to fight, surrender or make peace.

Is there a way to get you’re standing with the major races high on all of them in one playthrough? and how exactly do you keep your crew skills up my crew efficiency was low no matter what I did

As long as you win all of your Blood of Krahl matches and don’t accidentally take a different ending before making the big decision, you will have the option to challenge the Apogee.

I just looked deeper and it looks good. The admirals will tell you about it the option and you will get the choice right here:

Your choice will affect the lives of billions. It’s time to tell everyone your decision. You return to the large meeting room, which is quickly filled by high command, politicians, and the other captains. All eyes turn to you as you make the biggest decision of your life.


This was my trickiest ship-related stat, too. For high efficiency, you often need to make the harsh/killjoy-sounding choices instead of the relaxed ones (for example, when Luum/Nate gets drunk at the party, call them a disgrace rather than just telling them to go to bed). Pushing crew to be more efficient might raise stress or lower morale though, so it’s a balancing act. Having high Linnera rep will also give you a +20 boost to efficiency before the final battle.


Yeah I did it once. I’m pretty sure I was playing as an Aurellian (they start with generally higher rep with other races) and got cybernetics (which can gain you synth rep) as well as joining the Artemis society and trading in my first secret for Synth rep. You’ll also want to promote as many aliens as possible, and ideally promoting people who are of the races you need more rep with. So if your Synth Rep is low, make sure you get Volkov killed or moved to another ship so you can promote Kyle, for example.


Yeesh, good thing my Synth rep is always super high. I like Volikov.

My protag Jaruka married Krag and they had a baby girl named Flok. Flok is named after Krag’s sister who died in the station disaster. :heart:


Well I’ve been waiting for this for years now and it definitely lives up to the hype. Got the Let’s Make a Deal ending for my first run and I’m already planning out how to get an ending I’m happier with.

My biggest criticism overall is that the game feels like it’s trying to build up the setting and do a big epic space opera story at the same time to the detriment of both. For instance it’s hard to get an idea of the Alliance’s capabilities when losing one of their four FTL ships feels like it’s treated as a major emergency but then about a year later they have a dozen more ready to go. While on the other hand, at least in the path I got, it never felt like we found out anything of substance about the antagonists or the galaxy at large.

That said I’d definitely be excited to read more stories from Lucid set in this galaxy.

I do also have a slight criticism as well, and may just be my preference, but the epilogues felt a bit lackluster to me, I like the recap of the MC’s life, but then when it shows the ending and I just felt underwhelmed a bit, a little disconnected, but again that just may be me. The game overall is fun and I’m still hunting down some achievements


Can I have kids with a love interest who is a different race than my protagonist?

Yep! You even get achievements for it! There’s a DNA stabilizing machine that creates a viable hybrid child of two species (same sex pairings too). Exception is if you are a Synth and/or with Kyle—you will always have a Synth child.


Clearly we need to abolish the various races and create an infinite variety of hybrids, all under the aegis of the DSF rather than independent ethnonationalist polities.


I like the way you think.


Hello, I’m new to the community, and I just wanna share out my thoughts and criticism regarding the game.

I felt that the characters were lackluster and boring.
None of them made me genuinely care about them and add that to the fact that interactions with them is limited to choosing them for a mission and sometimes to hang out limits their character development.

I felt that most of the situations that were given to the MC could have been easily resolved without anyone dying and did not give me any sense of danger at all.

Like on that mission to put some surveillance thingamajig on the planet to spy on the enemy, and you and your team had to climb an incline so you can position the machine, a bunch of tiny aliens bit of the rope you were using to climb up and half of your team died. Are you serious! Whaaaaat. I would think that any sentient creature would be able to invent a rope tough enough to not be chewed on by that point.
I’m not saying that the other’s shouldn’t die, just that there were better situations you could have put them in.
In my opinion, gotta add that in.

You also get more privilege by default just by being the main character. Some if not most of these choices you were given shouldn’t exist.

Like when you were ambushed by a bunch of humans and you fend them off, everyone acts like nothing happened! Ten people tried to kill you and your team, and their leader wasn’t mentioned ever again. KILL HIM, or at the very least TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM. No, instead your higher up asks you for your “opinion” on what alien organization you should give the ship to, like your opinion matters at this point. SIR I’M A LIEUTENANT, THIS IS WELL ABOVE MY PAYGRADE.

This became more and more rambly as it went on so I’m gonna stop. What I want to say is I’m disappointed in this game. I read through the lost heir saga so I know the author can do better, but this is just not worth the price I payed for. In my opinion.

“The Aurellians aren’t willing to go to war over this,” Captain Montgomery continues. “In typical Aurellian fashion, they’ve found a way to pass the problem on to someone else. What are we going to do with this family?”

“Take them to the Aurellians.”
“Take them to the Reticulans.”

Again, this shouldn’t be a choice for a lieutenant to make for a captain.