New Hosted Game! "Kiss from Death" By William Loman

Then again, you have a sneaking suspicion your immortality will be of little use if the world itself dies. And who knows how long the world will last? Perhaps only two and a half thousand years

God tiered forshadowing by author. :joy::joy:


As far as I know, Nyeru doesn’t really have a formal RO path. They sort of just do their own thing and appear every once in a while when the player goes through a mayfly encounter or an RO path. That, and they pop up near the end of the game.

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I wouldn’t say that Clankers was a romance option. Anything that happens in his story is not what I would call romantic, platonic or otherwise.

there is an interaction. you need to have been with nyeru and teleport clankers to your room

Very interesting premise and quite well-written! I would’ve liked to save the world, but after two failures my heart just can’t take watching Aursley die again…

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Ok I love this game and his stories. :heart_eyes:
So for now I encountered few mortals (The Bounty Hunter with one hand: ​Raptor, The Dwarven Hairdresser and The Elf Journalist/Occult Detective with a six fingers hand) and meet 5 Immortals:
The mermaid/Siren Satiana, The shapeshifter demon Nyeru, The Lich Arcy, The Living Armor Clankers, The cultist leader C’looth (and the other 3 of his coven who would make proud Lovecraft).

botched 3 stories from the start because: 1 ) l couldn’t afford the lake for Satiana so I just drop her in there and left, 2) sayed a big NOPE when the demon tryed to flirt with me and 3) just asked the wrong question to my first date with a lich “did you kill innocent people?” answer: [shy reaction :see_no_evil:] yes…did it bother you? Me: :no_mouth:…Ah…kinda…[akward silence]…so maybe you could stop doing that? :thinking:" btzz Date finished XD)

For the ones I played to the end. I loved Clankers (That’s my guy :green_heart:! from the moment I found someone who could teach me the old sign language and finally understand him, the moment he realize after +500 years he could finally “talk” with someone who understand him (the teacher you bring) and it give you a hug, that touched me “ah I know buddy, is okay, is okay” [ :relaxed: pat on the back] just can’t help feeling that’s where I would’ve put my full time to the end of the world in an “immortal” kind of scenario. And even the 2nd time where I end up in this classic cult fishermen town hold by a worshipers of the elder god…and realize yes despite everything this guy isn’t SO bad (you know when the guy with a octopus head talk crazy about fish mad gods etc, in your first encounter you start to have some kind of prejudices before decide “ok let’s live here and see where it goes” but then realize after that he’s really trying to make it work in a “pacific” way).

Can’t wait to replay and see the other paths, I highly reccomend this title, because all the interactions (yeah kinda bring sadness later) but always make you feel attached to the characters (at least the ones I met even the “normies” / mortals :smirk:) the only one I kinda had a bad feeling is Nyeru and is a freaking demon (it make sense no? :rofl:) so really well done William :wink: :clap:


Do you think in time an update to slow aging or something similar to play longer could be added. I enjoy it but feel time can go by too fast for me to explore options fully

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came in expecting a nice romance and ended up with an existential crisis and, most surprising of all, a dragon fetish. who’d know.


In the achievement sections it has a couple that take place before you meet the immortals. Such as helping Arcy not become a lich and waking Persephone before the 100 years. Does anyone know how to unlock those?


Is there a way to get Clankers to follow you home?

Feel super depressed way things ended


Awesome game, everything from the worldbuilding to the characters was fantastic,
can’t wait to see more stories from you. :slight_smile:


Amazing game with a beautiful story but there is something I don’t quite understand. If Demons are immortal and immortals can’t have children then how do half demons exist?

On Demons

How do demons reproduce? Why are there so many of them?

Late in the game, you can meet Neorheath, who creates a demon, or some kind of similar monster, in front of you, suggesting they are not born. However, Nyeru claims demons emerge fully-formed from a soup of chaos and void, having no creator at all in the first place. And yet they refer to Neorheath as a matriarchal figure anyway. The half-demon Void seems to have been the child of a demon, suggesting that it is possible for demons to be born after all, though that might be her human half. And we also see Molloth, who was not born a demon but became one later on. At the end of her story, we also get the implication that she had children a long time ago – presumably while not a demon, but never made clear. It is actually possible to become a demon in the game, though it’s perhaps more like a union between you and a demon. It isn’t explicitly stated that you become a demon, but the definition of demon in the game is so broad that it is a fair interpretation. This too can be how demons reproduce. There are also numerous harpies that keep showing up – we never see how they multiply in such numbers, but presumably they lay eggs.

What this means is that the mechanics for how demons work, or even how they fit into the world’s theology, is deliberately kept vague, sometimes to the point of contradiction. I mean, the number of “hells” is misreported by several characters (is it seven or nine?) and Nyeru explicitly denies the existence of hells at all, claiming demons just exist in Circadia like everyone else.

So, to answer your question, there are no explicit rules for how a demon’s reproduction works, or even what a demon is, in a practical sense. Everyone’s immortality works differently in the world. Even among range of demonic characters, like Molloth, Nyeru, Void, Nefflyre, and Gra’hal, everyone seems to have different rules for how they individually work and what being a demon means for them.

I hope that doesn’t clear anything up!


That was really long and detailed, thank you. You said everyone’s immortality works differently right? Does that mean there is a type of immortality that will allow still allow the user to reproduce? Also I had a questions about a few other things that weren’t clear to me. The main character is the God of Time correct? Does that mean he is Malkanthor, and the old man and the MC are one, or are they two separate beings? Also if there is no life after death what was that avatar of death the Champion fights?


OMG!! I have read it through several times!!! I looooove it so much. But I am stuck! [spoiler] I really hope there is a way to save your love, who/whatever, it may be. I have died in the arms of a dragon, a lich, a demon queen, and an eldritch cultist. I need to save them all though! Oh I have destroyed the planet myself as well, but that only turned me into the Goddess of time so…bleh. I will discover how to save them. OMG! I loooove how after you go through the Gods realms, one your next playthrough it remembers and treats it like you have before, because I guess technically in a sense you have.

Oh, though, I still have yet to find a way to stay with the Vampire and Siren, I legit cried the way the Siren leaves you. So mean. [/spoiler]


In a way is better like this, kept it vague on the infos each character give based on their own knowledge (is just like when I tryed to make sense of D&D difference between the demons and the devils. They are both BAD but kinda in a different way and each edition change the rules).

Also it make sense by How each Character by canon when we start a story got a different age: Nyeru isn’t the oldest demon there is around (by canon They are one of the “youngest” immortals you can meet) so their knowledge is based on his own perception of the reality (when he come into existence).

It kinda come off as Nyeru: “you puny new immortal, I lived centuries and you don’t know the extent of what I offer!” (Nyeru is 327 years old)
Molloth (is A 3084 years old demon): “Are you for real kid?” :roll_eyes:


Is there a posted guide anywhere? A general romance guide but I’m specifically looking for the spider demon ruler. I’ve tried like a dozen times and she always sends me away.


you need to balance control of the city (win 2 lose 1)

Damn, suck to be free to play

My heart hurts. After days of apathy and ennui, suddenly having to feel all of these characters that i can’t even see the face of and still finding myself caring for them is a jolt of bliss for me. All of them thinks and moves and breathes, all of them steeped in flaws both real and imagined, that i can’t help but love them for it.
From committing atrocities with Arcy and Molloth to managing a small pocket of home with Clooth, it all felt like they were there. There’s something exceptionally human about the way you paint the non humans and the gods that makes this all feels personal. It felt special.
You made me feel something upon their departure and the subsequent departure of the world, all of which are fictional and are all resettable.
And for that, you beautiful bastard, take my four dollars. Thank you for making this and making my world just a bit brighter even for a while