New Hosted Game! "Kiss from Death" By William Loman

I am also really curious as to how you can meet the achievement where you help Arcy before she becomes a Lich and wake up Penelope before 100 years… Any clue?

Wake up Penelope: after you completing the prince’s story, when you started a new game and meet him again, choose to look for help from the god of time in the flashback


Arcy: just like the previous one after completing her story play again and when you see the story of how she became a lich there will be an option to convince her


Man it was amusing imagining how would Clankers hug an Mc armored in full plate.

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I tried this game on a whim, trusted my gut instinct, and was blown away. Living out the MC’s immortality is the main selling point here. Also what I’ve learned in my past playthroughs plays a part in the game. I didn’t even think that was possible in the first place. It’s a long game for me because of the multiple branches and side stories, and it simulates the concept of “immortality” really well. By the time you reach the 1.5+ years of existence, keeping track of what the MC has done feels already tedious but the game’s replayability is so high I can’t just NOT play again, not without the want to unearth everything all over again. In one of my first playthroughs, my MC held off from reaching out to any immortals, and lived and loved several mortals who felt real and humane and it was a very fulfilling playthrough.

The downside of this is some romance plots aren’t that explored and I wished the personality of the MC contained a few more stats, but that’s just a fair trade IMO. This game is so deep and vast already I’ve experienced several things while playing this game that I have not felt in other CoG/Hog titles. There’s something special here, sprinkled all over the thousand years, lots of lessons to be learned and it’s not just about the MC’s understanding of what it means to be immortal.

Again, thank you author for one hell of a game. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re great at it.

I wish there were route guides because I keep getting rejected by Molloth :sweat_smile:


You don’t really need to raise your power stat for that, you just need to join Dame Beatrice and be a crime lord, get Molloth’s attention by anyway you want depending on your stat build. During her interview you can pick whatever but when it comes to the last question pick the “Power is useless(?) without competition” then enter the strange relationship with her. You also need to maintain balance between the 2 of you, so having 2 wins and 1 loses nets you that result.

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Thank you!
I feel like I already completed his story several times and don’t recall such an option, but I will look harder :slight_smile:

ola gostaria de saber se alguem tem o guia de achievements pra eu conseguir fazer as conquistas do jogo

@will I just want you to know I haven’t played yet. Why? I’m afraid of the Mayflies. I’m afraid that you got better at writing their stories since the time I played the demo. I get attached to good characters quickly and you hurt my heart.

This game is no doubt the best choice of game I’ve ever play without reservation. it is so good. btw I think the link you posted doesn’t work. Tq very much love your work.


Never thought I would see a game that would pull this off, so color me impressed.

Went through two endings to get the true ending. Honestly, as good as it was, I kinda regret not going through the rest of the immortals, since the fates of the ones that I didn’t take didn’t impact me as much as it should have. But, as much as their fates were inevitable, that was the whole point- the anti-nihilistic message of “the world ends whether you like it or not, so why not do something anyway?”. And of course, unless there are some registry shenanigans, I can always re-install…right?

As for the routes I did take…seems I went for the more morally ambiguous ones this time; surprising, considering I usually go for the goody-two-shoes routes.

My mayfly romance here was the half-demon, and well-written enough for her death to hit me hard. Seeing her mellow from a firebrand to one to take her time was nice to see. As for the immortal…our lovecraftian cultist was an interesting twist on the Old Ones lore. Striking the balance between being kind to get converts and dealing with outsiders led to some interesting moral quandaries. Also, surprisingly tame in terms of lewd content… though I guess being a mind flayer thing does that.
The second route had two mayflies-one was the half-elf which was a good one night stand, and the other was our blacksmith…hope he found his daughter happy in the afterlife. As for immortality… it was one part -cubus( which I sadly didn’t dive too deep into, though still nice of them to say goodbye before the end) and two parts necromancer…and if the Lovecraft had some moral quandaries, this was even more so. Thankfully convinced her to at least be selective with her choices, but if I wasn’t playing the champion, I might have not gone down this route to completion. Still, quite a nice view into how a lich would see the world. And this route is where the sexuality flourished…and honestly, this is better writing than some Heart’s Choice scenes-well done.

As for the endgame-

As one who has played both Undertale(all but genocide) and OneShot(including Solstice), it is impressive to see someone pulling off ripple-proof choices with ChoiceScript. I do wonder if there are any others that have done this, and so well. And, after reading about said ripple-proof choices also having effects if you run the same route again, I am even further impressed.
As for the true ending portion, it also heads into a realm that can easily be done poorly- the realm of the divine. I will say that it does it well, taking a more subdued take…but I do wish there was at least one big battle somewhere in there, though that’s probably just me.

All in all, this is a book that not only deals with heavy concepts like immortality and existence and holds them pretty well, not only does it have a twist that I don’t think I have seen done in ChoiceScript before, but also, it has better bedroom scenes than even some Heart’s Choice games. It is telling that the only gripe I have is a personal one- a “flicked bogie sticking to the edges of a perfectly solid core” to quote Yahtzee. I cannot wait to dive in and see how the other routes are. Well-done, author, well-done.


Does anyone know how to find Arcy’s Phylacteries? This achievement has been eluding me.

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I have been playing this game since release, but cannot enter Malkanthor’s realm. Is there a way to defeat him?

This is really cool, and I also add congratulations.

I can’t view this forum. Did it get deleted or is it set to private?

There is so much that I honestly love about this game, but the one thing I just can’t really get past is how much it feels like two very very different games that actively work against each other.

Everything about being immortal is amazing. I absolutely adore the emphasis on how fast time goes by–the section headers that are the names of the people the main character is bonding with are such a beautiful way to show movement and emphasize the importance of these fleeting relationships. Satiana’s story broke my heart (especially coming across it by pure happenstance, as I did the first time I met her) and I adore Stal more than I can put into words.

The issue is that it’s then also a game about a ticking doomsday clock and it just completely wrecks my enjoyment of the story of immortality. I think everything with the religions and the god of time is really interesting and really well executed. Like, there’s such a clear gameplay idea there, and the process of even making it to the god of time is excellently written. But it just does not mesh for me as a story about the loves and losses of immortality. I don’t have endless time, I have until the clock goes off. I’m not just wandering through life, going where it takes me, because it ends and I have to pick between doing the plot or just. Making the game be over.

I first experienced the end of the world having romanced Stal, and I honestly thought that was excellent. The “it’s actually about who you want to die with” was great. And I understand that the game cannot be endless, so something needs to make it be over at some point. Got that, accept it, I just don’t like that it’s this. I was enjoying the story as an immortal as just Some Guy, and the concept that it’s my main character’s destiny to become the god of time just kind of comes out of left field. I can turn around and look at the story and go “oh okay I can see how this is destiny because, y’know, the story happened the way it did, so I guess it had to,” but I can’t help but feel a forced chosen-one-ness to it when the game up until that first five hundred year mark (or even further in, honestly) is just completely slice of life.

I also have to admit I’m not terribly fond of the “canon” endings for all of the characters. This is not a new observation, but media about immortality does tend to be pretty anti-immortality, which, okay. The Prince being able to go back and live the life he wanted with his true love is great–leaving aside that I didn’t care for how loving the MC means he stops loving Persephone, but I digress–and I didn’t delve deep enough into Arcy’s story to comment much, but Stal’s end being that actually they shouldn’t make the deal for immortality feels out of place. They either need to rebuild their hoard every cycle, which is something to do and accomplish, or they partner with the MC, in which case there is an actual conversation where they can acknowledge that although material wealth isn’t satisfying them, the love they share with the MC makes their endless life feel fulfilling. It is tragic that the MC loses loved ones (presuming that they do, which they might not–I had a playthrough where I didn’t spend time with anyone besides Stal) but by the end I feel like I’m supposed to take away a moral about immortality is actually not good and don’t do it–but, I can’t. No one can. I guess there’s something comforting about the idea that there’s meaning in not living forever, but it makes the game feel flattened that the ending seems to push the idea that there’s no perspective that can make immortality worth it. Had there not been an apocalypse, Stal and their consort seem like they would’ve had a pretty blissful eternity.

Coming around back to my original criticism, I don’t want to pretend that the concepts are entirely disparate within the work. I thought C’looth’s relationship to the impending apocalypse was fascinating, and the break up at the idea that my MC was going to fight against it was great. But I think that the time-god-destiny-takeover idea (incorporating replaying the game as well as making and seeing changes to even mundane events just because you’ve lived them before in another life–thank you to the children for making it to Priminee’s funeral this time) and the story about an immortal on the hunt for meaningful relationships and true love in a world where time management is just not at all a factor are just really different vibes that don’t gel within this work, as much as I really enjoy them separately.


So, there is no way to end up with Nyeru? And i really cant enter the god of time realm, is really possible?

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Is there a path to romancing the dragon but get him to change to his human form?

No, he can only change when you wrestle him and that’s it.