New Hosted Game! "Caves and Dinosaurs" by P.A. Wikoff

Adventure awaits! Delve deep into dangerous labyrinth in search of the magical flying dinosaur’s (not a dragon) money pit. While you might seek treasure, fame, friendship, love, the past, exotic animals, revenge, trophy killing or even your birthright to the throne, you don’t know that you’re actually stuck inside a ruthless game…

Caves and Dinosaurs is 33% off until March 24th!

As a character inside a game, you are unknowingly being hunted by a blood-thirsty DM who is trying to TPK (total party kill) your plucky group of adventurers. The cards are stacked against you, and you will likely die, but with a little luck and ingenuity, you might escape with your life, and maybe, just maybe get a happy ending. If you have every played a TTRPG then you will love the nostalgia this game will bring you.

  • Play as one of the five party members (Tank, DPS, Healer, Support, and Trapper).
  • Experience all the good, the bad, and the ugly endings.
  • Roll dice just like any other RPG experience.
  • Over 400 different paths lead to a larger story hidden underneath the surface.
  • Avoid over 50 ruthless ways to die!

I’ve been excited for this one! It’s such an original concept and it just sounds amazingly fun to play.


When Hidetaka Miyazaki decides to make a Choicescript game. :laughing:


This doesn’t even have a word count? Tho I assume this is another short game since 3 are released on the same day.

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Word count is 97,000

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Oh thank you. Still too short for me, but I wish fun for those who give it a try. (And yeah, I didn’t think of checking it out on the Hosted Games omnibus, until now… :sweat_smile:)

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This is an absolute blast! Hilarious writing that genuinely made me laugh multiple times.

10/10: Would be reincarnated as a ganker who kills other PCs for the lolz again.


The potion should give me a +1 save, right? But it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Could this be a bug? :thinking:

i didn’t like it when i first started it. when he asks for a name your char says i don’t subscribe to labels? wish fun for those who like it.

Not much point naming the character when they’re designed to die in 5 to 20 choices. Plus it was kinda irreverent in a funny way. Subversive of our expectations.

The steam link isn’t working for me and when I search the game up on steam it doesn’t show up.

It’s not available on Steam. Where do you see a Steam link?

Saw the link at the bottom of the page and assumed it was on there, sorry.

i don’t think that is relevent. but as i said, have fun.