New Heart's Choice Game! "A Pirate's Pleasure" by Lisa Fox

What a wonderful thing to say! Thank you so much! :heart:

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Yay! I’m so happy you enjoyed it! And you’re absolutely right, they would not have fit in the game itself. But I’m glad I could share them with you now. Cheers!


To me, one of the best Choice games. The romance options are so tasteful, so carefully crafted and well thought out. I’m still discovering different endings. I thought the lack of male gender for the MC would be a drawback but it was definitely the right choice. I hope Lisa writes another story for Choices.


What do you mean IF you ever get to write another game? :slight_smile:

@kris_g – IF is shorthand for Interactive Fiction

You are awesome, @kris_g. Thank you so much for the lovely compliments!!

I would LOVE to write another Choice game and I do have a really good idea for a new one I think. Maybe it’s time I put together a formal proposal!


YESSSSS!!! I would beta for you again in a hot second!!! :heart:


Oh my God, please do! No pressure of course, but your fanbase is here and ready for another story :laughing:


I have a question. If I choose to NOT steal the gold with Nathaniel can I still romance with him?

Yes. Nate is the only guy who will stick with you no matter what.


Ok, so now that I played this game gazillion times and got to the point where I read the entire script (kill me now!) I have just one more thing to say - the amount of work put into this (and possibly many other CoG games) is surprising as the final form looks deceivingly simple. I still never got the endings where you’re stranded, with no ship, unable to resolve any conflict, without a crew, or a lover. Many of those I only learned about from the script.
My favourite romance option was Wren, as I thought his personality was the most complex one, also to reach the perfect ending with him, while playing a compassionate character, forced me to make two choices that weren’t so obvious.

He wants to take Nassau back from the English, but won’t accept the treasure from the icon. So if you waste the time on returning the icon, you don’t get the blessing and in consequence you can’t fight for Nassau. And if you want to take the treasure and be honest about it, you don’t get to spend the night with him. So the only way to do it is to not tell him about the statuette in the tent, then let Eden take the icon from you by failing the speech check (not by just giving it away, otherwise this won’t work), and then take it back from him, taking his ship in the process. By opening the vault or selling the icon, you get the gold and the blessing that helps with the battle for Nassau. It’s the only way to get this ending whilst being compassionate.