New games

Went are new games coming out I.e choices of god, born a king and part 3 of Affairs of the court

Since when was there a Choices of God?

Those games are user-made. You’d have to ask the people who are making them. The only games made by the guys in charge of CoG are Choice of The Dragon, Choice of Romance, Choice of Intrigues, Choice of Broadsides, and Choice of the Vampire. All other games were made by random people on the forum using the choicescript program that was made specifically so random people on the forum could make other games. The program can be found here:

The person who is working on a game is generally the person who made the first message on the main topic dedicated to that game. If you check on the Born a King post, you can see that appleduck28 is the person currently working on the game. As for Affairs of the Court - the CoG guys have a blog and a twitter. I don’t think that they’ve announced a date for when Affairs of the Court will be finished, but when they do it will likely be announced there.

Also, I never heard of any Choice of God game. Please tell me it exists.

If you made a Choice of God game you’d need to make it so that you cannot take any actions whatsoever - or even, indeed, exist - so people who want to play the game with an eye on realism can do so.

That’d be a pretty trippy game though. One where the first choice you have to make is whether you’re actually real or not.

Ok thanks and the choice of god game I saw on a bog on the choices of games web page last year

That blog post was a poll to see what sort of stuff people are interested in.

@Canisa lol