NEW GAME: Undercover Agent — Think fast. Lie faster. And don’t blow your cover

Easiest way I found to get myself whacked was on the boat at the end, and choose to stay and fight them all. Of course, it still was tough to get.

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I tried that with 44 in the Combat stat. Somehow I still survived.

It’s a culmination of wounds, so you want to get into some fights during chapter 7 as well and get hurt.

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I played the entire game as a an idiot who can’t open a folder to save his life, was as quiet as a explosion, as charming as a bag of s***, who could punch good
I survived, controlled everyone around me mastermind levels, stole the virus for myself(by myself), became the best agent known to man
Who needs brains to be a spy

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I empathize; this was the last Achievement it took for me to get.

On a personal note, I did enjoy the game. There were a few parts that I would have liked to have more of, but unlike earlier games, I was satisfied with the pacing.

And yeah, Helen was such a sweetheart…and the bit with Samantha at the end, Allowing me to quit for our relationship was great.

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I’m really happy you enjoyed it :smiley:


Is Sam supposed to be “Sarah” from Chuck? Just started, but her “real name” was Sam and her last name “Walker”.

Not intentionally :-). I wasn’t aware that Sarah’s real name was Sam. I only watched the first season, did it come up in that? If so, who knows, maybe it burrowed down somewhere in my subconscious and popped out when I was looking for a last name for Samantha (one of my favorite girl names).

NO, it was on the box of her childhood stash of cash when she was first recruited i think is when we learn her name.

Ah! Okay, then yep, definitely unintentional reference. I really need to watch more of Chuck. I really enjoyed the first season.

Have to second what @AgentVerona said above.

I really liked the first three-quarters of the game, but the ending was just so incredibly buggy. Acker shot Silas dead…but he was still alive thereafter. I promised Acker the research data on the weapon, then gave it to Payne. Despite giving said research to the DTU, this didn’t compromise Bishop Industries in the least. I handed in five pieces of evidence against Hagen, including her recorded confession, but she was promoted to Director anyway. She hated my guts and told me I was going to be fired and possibly executed…then I headed to my meeting with Bishop and bragged to him that I would be his new man in the DTU. The end.

Quite disappointing.

It’s been over two months and I still can’t seem to get ‘In The Line of Duty’. Would anyone be willing to just tell me exactly how to get it?

Can you choose between a female or a male character?

Yes, all the Choice of Games line allow you to pick a main character gender.

Mm. That’s not strictly true.

If you can choose to be one gender, then there has to be the option to choose the other.

In Undercover Agent, there is never a choice about gender, so it’s left up to the player to imagine themselves/their gender. It’s the same in The Fleet and Congresswolf.

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Does that mean you can make a CoG where the character is defined as nonbinary? :smile:

So I have a question how to I get the “A well earned promotion” achievement I can’t seem to figure out the right formula after 4 playthroughs and any help would be appreciated.

Hey :slight_smile: I’ll be honest, I may have made an error with that achievement. I went in and looked at the code and at the one place you can get it, it checks to make sure you haven’t already gotten it. So obviously I’d meant to plug it in somewhere else too (I think I see where in fact) and didn’t. I’m sorry about that. Below are general steps for how to trigger it, and sorry for the error, if you need me to get more specific let me know:

So pretty much the only way to get it is to earn the DTU’s approval, by taking down Bishop Industries, but to get in good with Maren, which isn’t terribly easy cause she’s picky.

Easiest way to do this I found was during the opening chapter to put points into IT and Improvisation, more IT, make that your strongest trait. There is probably a way to do this without IT being your strongest trait, it’s just the path I took so I know it works.

But in the first chapter (and up through chapter three) whenever you have a choice about you’re feelings for the DTU, choose anything that sounds like you’re not that keen on them. Or any choices about looking out for yourself over the mission, choose that. You want your loyalty not to be too high to the DTU in chapter three. After chapter three you don’t have to worry about it.

At the end of chapter one, give Maren the information you got from Silas’s computer. Since you have high IT skills, you can have hacked the computer yourself.

In chapter two continue to make sure you don’t make too many DTU loyalty choices. When dealing with the finger prints, you can hack the system and then keep any files you get to yourself for leverage. This will lower DTU loyalty some more.

Also in chapter 2 you can use your improv skills to get Silas out of the office so you can use his computer and get a bit of extra evidence against Bishop Industries.

In chapter 3, tail Bishop. Head in and watch his meeting with Maren and then confront Maren. Promise her you’ll keep her secret. If your loyalty to the DTU is low enough she will believe you and like you for it. From here on out you don’t need to worry about your loyalty level.

Continue to use your IT skills whenever possible. In chapter six, send the information about the weapon to the DTU and when hacking the computer use your IT skills to slow down the program and use the bought time to get evidence on BI twice. You should then hopefully have enough evidence on Bishop Industries to call in an extract to get out of the office and have them bring down the company.

I then snuck on Bishop’s boat (using improv to create a distraction with the guard), but didn’t attack him. Once on the yacht, I went to the security room, recorded Acker killing Bishop and then went and got the weapon, which I handed over to the DTU

Then once I got to the debrief I didn’t hand over any of my evidence against Maren, but handed over the recording of previously mentioned murder). Payne was happy enough with my work to promise me a promotion, and Maren talked to me after the meeting, liking me enough to promise to make me chief of counterintelligence once her own promotion goes through and I got the achievement.

Hope that helps and sorry once more for only having it trigger at the one spot.


Send in updated files and we’ll patch it.


Oh really? Thank you! Will do!

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