COMING THURSDAY: “Undercover Agent” - New Author Interview and TRAILER


Finally a 100,000+ Interactive novel, and seemingly serious.

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Can we get high stats in Digging & Stealth and wear glasses? I want my mole to be a mole. :wink:


Tried the demo and I was very intrigue!

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I think most of the CoG offerings over the past few years have been 100,000+ words.


I know that I am simply saying that the last two C.O.G games needed some stakes and I’ve been browsing the W.I.P(s)(or should it be W(s).I.P) looking for something that I can remember for more than a week.

P.S I mean no disrespect I just have certain tastes that Tally Ho and T-Rex Time machine didn’t satisfy.

P.P.S I’ve just looked at your profile and now I must clarifiy I didn’t dislike Tally Ho just felt unsatisfied(please dont take that personally I’ve recently played MSNC and loved it).