New CS book startup file

So, I am starting a new CS book, Fan fick, but I am not sure the exact sintax for the new Startup file…
I can’t find it in the old one, since I don’t know how to reed file names… Screan reader just says the name, not the letters, or if they are capatalized…
Would anyone be able to assist me with this? I just need to run through some choices, to check if the variables are set up correctly, the Goto commands are set at the right points…

Can you copy the code into here? or do you have it uploaded to dashingdon already? that way someone could countercheck the files.

Hope i understood you correctly.

Currently I am not coding, I’m just looking for how to, what exactly to put as a start up. Currently I have start up, no capitals, but when I try to load it on fire fox to check to see if my variables were correct, it said that no start up.txt file could be found. I’ll have to check again, but from what I could hear, the way that start up with spelled in fire fox was the same way that I spelled it in the file, since the TXT extension F I’m not mistaken is there, it’s just not spoken at the moment on my computer

Do you have the latest version of choicescript ?(4600bf i believe. Going to check once i’m back on my computer)

The new one prompts you to ‘upload’ your folder (it doesn’t actually upload it).

startup.txt file has three mandatory statements:

First: *title, that is: star title
Second: *author, that is: star author
Third: *scene_list, that is: star scene underscore list

These three must come at the top of the file in this order. Note that choice script is not case sensitive, so you can write the statements either capitalized or not. But the arguments after each statement are case sensitive.

After the title statement you write the name of the project.
After the author statement you write your name.
Bellow the scene list statement you write the name of the scenes of your book, one per line and in order. They must be indented. No need to include the extention, that is, no need to write .txt with the name of the scene.

After that you can declare global variables using *create. The start-up file is the only place you can declare global variables.


I think what I’m trying to say for this is, how do you check the extension. Currently, I have a file with the name: start up. However, when I try to put the file on fire fox, it prompts me to upload it, even though it says it is not actually uploading the file, it says that start up.txt cannot be found.
Could be because I put a space between start an up, I’ll have to check. I can re-save it, not that big of an issue, it’s just that I like to run it to make sure that all the stuff is set up, before I go forward.


startup (and all scenefiles and choicescript_stats (choicescript underscore stats) are txt files, startup is one word, all lower case

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I really don’t want to sound like an asshole, but you need to spell things correctly and consistently or the code won’t recognise your commands.

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Yep. No spaces allowed in file names.


I will have a look at it, when I try to play around with the extension The file is saved as, it gave me a whole bunch of weird stuff.
If it turns out I have to manually put in TXT at the end of the new file names, that would actually be fine as long as I knew that I would save it properly, and then I can run it.

CS scenes are plain text files, so the extension is .txt.

The name of the scenes cannot have whitespaces. If you want, you can use underscore to separate words.

What program are you using to create your files?
I don’t know how accessible C-Side is at the moment if it isn’t that.


It can be difficult using a screenreader. @ArchivistAlpha096 would have to listen to the spelling letter by letter for the best measure.

So, a bit of common knowledge:

  1. No spaces (or any “special” characters) in your file name. This include slash, question and exclamation mark, etc. Use underscore instead to replace any spaces (IT term: whitespace characters).
  2. Depending on the way you create new file, the program you’re using may or may not assign the “.txt” extension automatically. For Notepad++, on your Save As menu, make sure to choose “text document” in the Type-dropdown menu before you save (as opposed to All Types).

Oh, and considering the weird quirk of speech-to-text interface, it might be not a bad idea to post your work here and there once in a while so someone can catch the typos. For example, in your Original Post, you wrote fan “fick” (with letter C an K) as opposed to just “fic.” Reed and read also sounds similar. So… you get the idea. Or find a writing partner.