NEW Community College Hero t-shirts, posters, stickers


**EDITED OP: I did NOT like the Cafepress experience. The store has been shut down for most of 3 days since I opened it, for various technical issues. So I decided to restart the CCH Store with Redbubble.

The good news is that I can now offer not only shirts, but posters, mugs, stickers, phone cases, and lots of other stuff. And Redbubble seems to be MUCH easier to navigate. Link is below! **As of 9/19/17, coupon code sweet25 gives you 25% off your order, but only to certain areas. It’s no good for Kentucky, I can tell you that!


This looks awesome, but at the moment I cannot afford it since I’m still job searching after 6 months of part-time jobs.


@FutbolDude21586, good luck with your continued search. And not to get off track, but thanks for the very interesting testing feedback! And it’s not like the shirts are going to go anywhere!

But of course now that I say that, CafePress is sending me stupid messages and flagging the images so I have to prove I own the rights…you would think they would vet images BEFORE, not after, they let shops open. Now my whole shop is closed until I handle this crap.


Take it as a compliment? They think the images look good enough to be professionally made :slight_smile:


The football shirt looks especially rad, I’ll have to pick one up when the store reopens! Hope you get your copyright woes sorted out soon, that sounds like a major pain :confused:


I, too, look forward to buying one when you get the store re-opened. Please tag me when you do!


Okay the store is back open for business!

They quickly unflagged the images.

*set persuasive %+10

@SirEdmund @h82xs


Any plans to make use of any of the non-clothing merch options? Or add the previous poster and t-shirt designs?



I mean it doesn’t cost me anything to offer other products, so I figure why not? I might do posters or coffee mugs or some other stuff.

I mean I have tons of art that I like already with more on its way…its a matter of narrowing stuff down. I think the CCH2 game cover will be really neat and I can see using that for some stuff next.

Yep the DG/Crook image is very high quality and would make a cool poster I think. The old Speck shirts were just me playing with tools on tshirt sites.


Given that the page banner is “Speck Campus Bookstore” some generic school pride designs would fit the theme, I think. And I definitely know people who appreciate more understated or subtle merch options, especially wrt clothing


These are adorable! (I think Dirty Girl looks the cutest) :blush:


That’s crazy. Is somebody else claiming that they own the rights to the images? :confused:


I agree. It could be understated but still be more stylsh than the old one and have a funny or ironic motto.


Oh it’s resolved now.

And did you ask on twitter about the designer? It was the winner of my March art contest.


For a moment there, I misread the title as “NSFW Community College Hero T-shirts.”

That certainly would’ve been interesting, to say the least.


I didn’t see that contest, but that artist is really talented. (I take it that’s not the same person who did the cover art for CCH) :blush:


Okay I did NOT enjoy the Cafepress experience. I will just leave it at that (see edited OP).

The new CCH Store is at Redbubble (also see edited OP)


Must. Not. Go. Bankrupt. Must. Not. Spend. All. My. Money.


You’re probably on it already, but just in case–don’t forget to update the links on FB and Twitter, they’re still going to Cafepress!

Sorry your experience was bad, but honestly as a customer Redbubble is my favorite of the online stores, so can’t complain much about the switch (their shirts are easily some of the most comfortable I own, and their notebooks are fantastic)


Haha that is what I will probably do!

Coffee mug for sure, and a poster and maybe a pillow for the living room sofa (my wife may object to that one).