New choicescript writers contest

Hello you may know me from my other topics about cowdog games, and other things. But for writers, this is your chance to become famous. You sha’ll make short, and private demos of your new game. The best three, or ten games, that we choose sha’ll be encouraged to finish and make there amazing game. For the choice of games Cowdog awards.

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“Shall be encouraged to finish”? What are you actually offering? Most people who write games want to finish them, y’know.

One thing you guys have to do. Rule one you can not spoil what your game is about. Rule two you must ether have both genders or a gender lock depending on your end result. Rule three you must put ideas in to this game that are your own, but are engaging the reader in to your story. Rule four a game is not fun unless you have decisions that will make the player feel torn. And rule five you must make your game have some purpose for people to replay your game. Oh yes I almost forgot could you please put in romances.

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No, I didn’t ask about the rules. I’m wondering what reason artists would have to submit something.

What are you offering the winners? Is it something they’re already getting from the forums here? If so, it’s not a very good prize. We love contests around here, but this doesn’t really sound like one.

I’m offering the chance to allow people to show that they can make a great choice of games game, like fallout. Where it will keep people returning to the game even if it’s been ten, twenty, or thirty years later, people will still be playing a greate game.

Because right now choice of games has no such game. No developer that can use choice of games and surpass where others said they woud not be able to do it.

Have you tried playing Zombie Exodus? It’s one of my favorites, I think it’ll be just as good in 20 years, and it has a great survival/horror plot. If you want a game more like Fallout, make one. Everyone has their own idea about the best game ever, and that’s what the coders here are working on.

In general, it sounds like you want to encourage people to make and sell great games in ChoiceScript. There’s already a company doing that; it’s called “Choice of Games.” Companies need content. A product. Though your enthusiasm is great, you really need to think through what you bring to the table.


“Rule two you must ether have both genders or a gender lock depending on your end result?” I don’t think there’s a very big chance of someone breaking thus one, that’s really the only two ways you can do it without making up genders.


Seems to be a confusing offer and slightly obscure… apologies but a great many more details would be appreciated in this case.
-Who is ‘we’ that you speak of?
-is this official or something outside of the realm of ‘choice of games’ or ‘hosted’ labels?
-your prize or offer is as of yet more than a little ambiguous, clarity would go a long way.
-what are your goals in such a constest?

I don’t mean to poke holes but I for one require much more information before I make any such decisions

Much luv

To clarify, this contest isn’t officially affiliated with Choice of Games or Hosted Games.

@adamthecowdog, you’ve suggested that your contest offers writers a “chance to become famous.”

But if you’re choosing the winner(s), and you simply announce the winner(s) here on the forum, then all you’re offering to do is to tell us which game is your favorite. That’s not a very big prize.

I don’t think it’s accurate to say that the chance to earn your praise in a forum post is a “chance to become famous.” Somebody might well become famous by making a great game, but even then, your forum post won’t make them famous.

Generally speaking, when the only award for winning is a forum post, people say, “This contest has no prizes for winning.” That’s fine, but if that’s the case, please say so clearly.

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Have you looked at this thread before?
That right there is how you organize a proper contest.

Also, you might want to change the title of this thread to ‘New choicescript writers contest’. The current title leads to confusion.


Here’s an idea what if people put in money so that they gamble for the best game. The three people that win get to have one third of the money that was gambled by the fans. Or others that are competing. When I mean we I’m talking about Cowdog Games and the writers. What are peoples thoughts.

A few pointers. I love your enthusiasm, but your posts reek of scam. Especially now that you’re thinking about people putting money into it. I’m sure that’s not intended, but be aware of it.

When making any kind of announcement or offer, make sure that it has good grammar. Even if your follow-up posts would be grammatically incorrect, at least you would have a solid first impression going for you.
Add detail. Right now whatever this thing is sounds like a whole bunch of nothing. There’s no details as to what this is except for what is already stated in the title. There’s no dates or schedules, no details on what the “winner” of this “contest” has to gain, and the rules are more like basic principles of any interactive game or story. None of the rules are actually relevant to the contest you’re proposing.
If it’s just a friendly little contest where the biggest win is bragging rights, then the rules should clarify that. If it’s a contest where someone is winning something substantial, then you need to be aware of the legalese that gets involved and again, the rules and stipulations should reflect that. The legal definitions and requirements for competitions depend on the country or territory you reside in.

Also, you’re using “Choice of Games” in the contest title, which is a big no-no unless you’re actually affiliated with Choice of Games LLC. It is also a misappropriation of a company and product line name that Choice of Games LLC can take you to court over. In fact, with the state of copyright law in the US, they would be compelled to do that in order to show that they actively protect their owned copyrights.

I would love to see more competitions urging more people to get involved and try stuff they might not ordinarily try, but these competitions need to be legitimate in nature from start to finish. This is the internet. There are way too many scam contests aimed at ripping people off, or contests that were haphazardly put together and fall apart as soon as it comes time to send in the stories.


Why would people pay for this ? I mean what you actually propose here is for people to pay the person that according to you wrote the best story

Although it would be a different story if the prize was coming from you or if the people that paid had a say as to who the winners will be

it seems pretty dang shifty if you’re bringing up gambling, though it sounds more like you’re trying to get people to pool money for a prize–which, considering your terms having been vague and confusing thus far, as others have pointed out, is an unlikely event at this point.

still, @Goshman’s advice is absolutely on-point.

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Ooh, Gambling! That’s never a bad idea! Right? …Right?

I’m sorry I don’t want to be rude but… Cowdog Games as in the company you said you wanted to create in a thread a while back? That actually happened? It’s official? I mean, in that thread you were still recruting. It’s pretty shady tbh if that’s the case.

Gambling with a random person on the internet? Why not?

I have people who are helping me out with the youtube channel Cowdog Games. But for the company I’m still trying to recrut and figure things out with that sorry that I haven’t been posting to that thread. I guess I showd have clarifyed, the overall goal for this contest in the first place, is that people would get special appreciation as it were. But the people here on choice of games could vote in what category they wanted to for that game. Other people could support by gambling and betting in money for whitch game they think will win. And then the winners can recieve the money that was bet on them, while the ones who don’t win the pepole who bet on them can get there money back. And if people agree with this then we need to create a website for the contest, so pepole can see the games, vote on the games and bet on the games. And doctor what I meant is some people say they will only gender lock for the demo and not the game, that is what I mean by the end result do you want your end result yovr game. To be gender locked or both genders. Hope this clears up a lot of questions that people have.