Nested page break not working

    *if (Combat = 30)
      “You can’t be serious…” the twins say as they step back from the door. You aren’t heading for the door, however. Still, you know what you’re doing, sort of, even if you’ve no practical experience fighting. 
      “It’ll be fine. I can handle it. Probably.” You say as you open and step through the door while the twins look at one another above you.  
      You barely make it a step in when one of the creatures, hearing the sound of your loud footsteps, turns the corner. Both of you stare at each other for a moment are it sinks in just what a terrible decision you’ve made. The creature screeches loudly, alerting its kin of your presence as it charges up the stairs too quickly for you to accurately train your weapon on it. It knocks you to the ground and both of you tumble down the stairs as the swarm reaches you bottom. Through the gnashing teeth, the raking claws and the gunfire from your own weapon, you are not entirely certain what is happening. It’s purely chaos of flailing bodies and all you know in the moment is that there is a lot of blood. 

You can smell ozone and hear the twins blasting lightning like madmen, though you cannot tell what they are hitting until you finally manage to wriggle free and swap to your pistol since your rifle is out of ammunition. Even then, there are far too many of them left alive as you hobble back up the stairs while the twins prevent the creatures from advancing with crackles of electrical energy in a wide, unfocused arc. You’re sure it would likely not kill one of these things… but it’s enough to make them think twice.
      “Ow… ow… ow… jeez that hurts…” you say as you get to the top of the stairs and through the door. The twins close the door and, using a limited measure of their power, weld it shut to prevent the creatures from chasing you any further. 
      “Hold still…” the twins say, grabbing your arm and yanking it straight. White heat races up your arm as you see the deep gash in the muscle. “… quit being a baby, you’ll live…” they say, using a similar heat to cauterize the wound shut and rooting through your bag to get much needed medicine both to prevent infection and to help close the wound the rest of the way.
      “That was incredibly stupid!” they scold you once it’s apparent that you’re going to live. “You could’ve gotten us all killed. NEVER do anything like that again, understood?” 
      “I’m sorry… I just thought…” you begin.
      “Thought what? That you were going to be some sort of gung-ho hero and waltz in and slay the beast like some fabled legend and waltz back out with two maidens on your arms? Those skills are EARNED! Idiot!” they respond. 
      As the three of you make your way back out to the city streets, the twins sigh. 
      “We’re sorry. But you really need to think about your actions more before you do something like that. All of our lives depend on working together… and making smart decisions. Let’s just pick a new building and try again. You’re still learning… just… learn a bit quicker.” They say as you look towards the options once again. 
      *set Medicine -5
      *set Ammunition -10
      *set Health -10
      *set Twins -10
      *goto FirstCityLooting

I’m not sure what the issue is here. I did page breaks before in other dialogue that was nested, but for some reason it’s flagging this one (the first one) but doesn’t on my other ones which I did the same way.

The “You can smell ozone” line looks like it’s not indented and should be aligned with the rest of the lines - try indenting it and see if that works?


One day I’ll have more brain processing power than a potato. Thank you.

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