Really confused and fustrated

I’m having trouble with…

The error I’m getting is:…

My code looks like this:



You begin in this world in darkness and warmth.However for some reason they want you to leave. They want you out of hear."Push! Push!" They say. But who knows what's out their and who knows what is waiting for you.

	#come out peacefully
		You come out with no problems. Which is fine and all, but dad was hoping you'd put up a little more of a fight.
	#come out fighting
		Woah! That's the spirit! You come out in full furry.Your dad thinks it's awesome. But your mom (whose insides you just tore up) has to stay in the hospital for an extra two weeks. Thanks a lot kid!
	#or stay inside
		You're fighting real hard to cling to your safe warm space. But the monsters out there are insistent that you come out.
		#Leave already
			If they insist. Who are you to say no? Your mother is relieved that she was able to push you out. Although, your prologue stay has given you both health risk. You both stay in the the hospital for a week. You dad is happy you're okay in all, but he was hoping you would come out with a little bit of a fight.
		#No I think I'm gonna stick around
			Oh so that's how you want to play it. In the end the doctors have to perform a C- section. This makes your mom feel incompetent. Your dad is also disapionted - in you that is.You don't know it yet, but the life you are about to lead is a pretty tough life. Also there are complications.And when I mean complications. I mean your mom is dead. No, seriously she's dead. Atleast you still have your dad( Who will most likely never forgive you)
*goto Gender
*label Gender

What is your gender?

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First of all, welcome!

On this old thread, you can find several really useful tutorials in ChoiceScript that will teach you about how to code a choice. Take a look!

Right now the main problem is that you need to “goto” after the text after making a *choice. But read the tutorial–you’ll find lots of useful information there.

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Hi and welcome.

With three ` above and below your code you can format it.
But the first thing i can spot is that there are no


For any variables.

Edit: what gower said

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The error you’re getting is almost certainly from the #Leave already option not having a *choice or *goto leading out of it. To fix it, you can simply add *goto Gender after “…little bit of a fight.” but before the other #option.