Neo-Twiny Jam - Now over - + $600 donated for charity!

Another month, another Neo-Interactives jam!
And this time, it is for a good cause!

Neo-Twiny Jam

The Neo-Twiny Jam is a month-long unranked jam, where the goal is to make micro-IF pieces, with no more than 500 words!

The inspiration for this jam comes from Porpentine’s Twiny jam, which ran in 2015. During the original three-week jam, creators were asked to submit a Twine game with no more than 300 words.

This event ran last year, the rules are pretty much the same:

  • Do not write more than 500 words!
    • Sound, graphics, code do not count in total wordcount.
  • You can use any program/system you want as long as it is IF at the end.
  • You can also write in any language!
  • NSFW content is accepted, as long as content warnings are indicate in the submission
  • No AI/LLM, Hate, or Spam entries.

Your submission will be matched into a charity donation!

Last year, thanks to all participants and super cool donors, we raised over $500 for EqualityFlorida. We’re hopping to match it this year!

This time around, I will be matching the number of submitted entries and donate it to an LGBTQ+ charity: the National Center for Transgender Equality (or TransEquality).

If you would also like to donate to an LGBTQ+ cause, anonymously or publicly, matching the submissions or a stand-alone donation, let me know (so we can coordinate things) :slight_smile:

Looking for inspiration? Check out last year’s event!
Are you on Tumblr? Help up boost the announcement!
Join the Neo-Interactive Discord


Can I just say I love the header image?

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Thank you :green_heart:
(All our jam headers are made in Canva :wink: )

I’m so excited for this one! I loved the games that came out of the last Neo-Twiny Jam. I wanted to make something last time but maybe this time I’ll manage it…? I’d like to try, anyway. Thank you for linking!


I did too! It was fun to check them all out last year (there were a lot of them :joy: ).

You can start your entry now, if you want to! The only strict deadline is the final submission one :wink:

Can the same person make multiple entries, or just one?

And is selling your game(s) as part of a charity bundle allowed in the ChoiceScript license? The author isn’t earning any money, but the readers are technically paying for them.

I don’t think they’re for sale - it’s that the organisers make a donation based on how many entries get made (if I’m reading correctly).


Each entrant is allowed to submit up to 3 entries.

We’re counting the amount of valid donation when the jam close and use that amount to make a donation (1 entry = $1 essentially).


This is a really neat idea!

Thanks for announcing it here @manonamora .

Let’s see if I can do this.


This is a really great time to participate and hope you get flooded with games. This is a really good cause and all my cheers.

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I’ve signed up, to try and give myself the push to do it this time round!


I’m encouraging everyone to participate in this! Last year’s was solid- I I hope to see some new faces as usual! It’s only 500 words, so it’s no problem to write… but it will be interesting to see how you can get round the 500 word limit.

Hint hint: try one-word sentences!

That is absolutely a problem to write!

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I got a game done. But It is so bad I am even ashamed to show it anyone.

There is still a month left, if you want to edit it. Or have other people test it :slight_smile:


Oh :joy: I forgot to post it here but…

You can now submit to the jam!!


How does that works?, I did one already. do I have to fill something?

Like all our previous jam it’s all happening through itch!
So you will need an account there, and create a page for your entry.
Since it’s a ChoiceScript game, you can either upload the compiled HTML game or link it to where you have your entry hosted (dashingdon or others).

As for submitting: you just click Join jam button on the itch page. Then Submit project, and fill in the form that pops up:

And you’re done!
Your entry will then appear here!

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You should have warned in your first post more clearly. I did make the games for nothing

Sorry for assuming people would click on the first link, which redirects you to the page, where you can sign-up and submit, like the other events we’ve announced in the past.

I guess it didn’t embed like the other posts :woman_shrugging:

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