Announcement: Bare Bones Jam

We at the Neo-Interactives are creating a new IF-focused game jam, and we’d love for Choicescript writers to participate!

This is a game jam where the constraint is that you are not allowed to use graphics/audio, different themes, UI/CSS design, or otherwise change the game engine’s appearance in any way. I think most choicescript games will qualify here. We’re looking forward to seeing your submissions!


This looks so fun, thank you for organising it!

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This sounds nice, and what is good is that it has a low barrier of entry. I’m not sure if my Bring Out your Ghosts piece qualifies, though. If it did I would have it submitted to the repository. Thank you for organising another games expo! Bring Out your Ghosts was fun and solid- for someone who has never participated in a game expo before, it was a good experience.

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