Dialogue Jam 💬

Oh… here we go again!
The next instalment of the Neo-Interactives Jam


Let’s Get Talking!

The Dialogue Jam is a month-long unranked jam all about communication between characters. Whether through verbal dialogue or written correspondence, this jam aims to bring discussions forward.

Constraints and Rules:

  • Your Entry must be centered around an exchange between characters. No description allowed!
    • This could take the form of a dialogue (even monologue!), script, or letters.
    • Elements like stage direction or dialogue tags can be used, though they should be kept to a minimum.
  • The Jam is open to any program/medium, as long as the piece can be considered Interactive Fiction (i.e. the game is interactive, and its focus is on the text).
  • The Jam is open to any language.
  • You can submit up to 3 entries!
  • You should aim for 15-30 minutes maximum gameplay.
  • Entries can have NSFW content, as long as you indicate it in your submission.
  • Entries should not include any generated AI content.
  • Spam or hateful content will not be accepted.

Come join us!


Thanks for running this, it sounds like a lot of fun!


Copypasta’ed from the other forum:

Thank you Manon and company for this one! I have every good intention to see you guys succeed! I hope to see some new and familiar faces!

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Those are some very useful links in the itch page!

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They appear for each of our jams :wink:
For people who may want to try their hands at IF but don’t know which system to get, or people who may want to try a different one for the jam!

I haven’t checked jam pages before. :laughing: Incidentally, I was on the lookout for IF tools for research purposes, so this is great!

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I wish you lot of luck and sound really interesting.