Game Jam - Smoochie Jam 2024

Here is a new game jam from the Neo-Interactives that some people here might be interested in:

The Smoochie Jam is a month-long unranked jam all about kisses, real or imagined, love and romance. The name and concept of this jam were inspired the original SmoochieComp in 2001, hosted by Emily Short.

Games should be about romance, kissing, or the deliberate subversion thereof. Here is an optional list of story ideas and concepts:

♡ first kiss, last kiss
♡ kissing in the rain
♡ kiss of life (or kiss of death)
♡ sealed with a kiss
♡ kiss with a fist
♡ spaghetti kiss

More information and guidelines can be found on the itch page. We’d love to see more people participate!


You beat me too it, I saw it over on intfiction :smiley: . Not my cup of tea, but with the number of romance fans around here I hope it will interest a few people to participate.


this sounds awesome. I would participate if I wasn’t so slow with my current projects


Surprisingly, I’m more active over at the forum, and yes, Team NeoInteractives (Manon, Sophia et al) are back again, this time with another jam- this one’s ties in with the Valentines’ Day theme. The January jam which they also organized, the Recipe Jam, has just ended. You can check out the entries here.

I encourage all of you to participate, we need more returning faces! Since the theme is romance, it’s gotta be easier than the previous month’s jam (in that one, you needed to include a recipe of some kind).


This is interesting; I may delve into working on something for this while working on the update for The Bureau. I’m unsure whether I’ll be attending classes this semester or taking a leave of absence (lack of availability for the classes I want to take) so I may have extra time on my hands. If I do this, definitely gonna have a “Scared to be Lonely” and “Love is blindness” kind of messy vibe to it.


I… might dive into this, considering NaNoRenO falls the month after this.

There is a bit less than a week to create a little story for the jam :wink:


I unfortunately was not able to write a story for this particular jam as I’ve picked up pace on my Patreon and main project this month, but good luck to all those participating!

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There’s always next year :wink:


Fancy seeing you here- of all people, I never expected you to be lurking around in the CoG side of the forum! Also, @leiatalon is now on the IF forum! I’m really impressed!

Given that I started here and made my way over there, I would want to see more people on both sides of the forum!


I’m more lurking over there than anything else…so far. :female_detective: But I’ve wandered into a discord conversation or two and really enjoyed participating in the game jam!

And the submission window for the jam ended !

Thank you to all of you who submitted something!

You can find all the entries over on

Come play some fun little games :slight_smile:

And we hope to see you for our next mini-jam (announcement immenent :wink: )


Congrats to everyone who entered, and thanks so much for hosting it Manon!


Thank you to all who participated! @leiatalon I’m looking at you! And for those I’m familiar with, @manonamora, and three past comp/thing participants, Tabitha, Norbez and Brett Witty have some really spicy (pun intended) entries.

TLDR: Just go ahead and check all the entries out! There’s a sizable number of visual novels for those who like them.