Need someone with good spelling to edit


I’m not a native speaker or writer so i neef some one who correct my bad grammar. You appear in credits and in a future publish of the game, spell checker had destroyed my code misplacing lines i cant use it.


Too lazy to do it. But here’s an idea, Spell check your stories and avoid the coding. That way, you’ll be pretty good. You do need someone who’s good at correcting Grammar and Punctuation so… good luck on that! :stuck_out_tongue:


I gladly will. I’m better at editin’ writing than anythin’ else.


esiest way is microsoft word that wat i use for spell check anyways good luck with ur game looking forward to it


@irule9344 Microsoft Word is really good, but only if you are already pretty good in grammar.


Well, my English skills are a matter of pride for me. If you would like my help I’d gladly give it.


Also happy to help :slight_smile: