Apps that would help writing choice script and with general writing?

So, I have Grammarly installed that usually helps me with picking out words that usually don’t make sense, (Not an English speaker so It helps a tone.) But unfortunately it doesn’t come over in choice script IDE. Going in Google docs or Grammarly docs doesn’t help much because I constantly use CTRL + D to automatically type ${words}. So are there any other apps that would help?

Do you have MS Word? I copy and paste my files over from notepad++/CSIDE/Your coding program of choice into word and just hit ignore all every time it hits a piece of code for basic spell/grammar checking to speed up the process. It’s clunky but works (no idea if grammarly has the same function.) Just be aware, the grammar and spelling corrections it suggests are not always right. I don’t think there are any grammar checkers that will work natively with code out of the box.


I usually copied the whole sections when I was done with them and pasted them into Grammarly proper. It’s good at disregarding code and still keeping intentions and the like. Then I can just paste it back in notepad ++ (my editor of choice)


(Oh wow, two of my fav authors haha clearly not fan-girling) Ehem

I do that as well, but there’s a lot that’s left to be desired. Have you guys tried pro-writing aid? I’m thinking of purchasing the life time thing but I’m still on the ropes for it.

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No I don’t think I’ve tried it so not sure how good it is sorry!

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No worries!! (Stay calm, stay calm) I love you! (FUCK) But any other advice you’d give? other then “Copy it here” or something to make sure that the mistakes/errors are minimized?

I have grammarly pro since many years. It’s good but not perfect.


Well the desktop version of the IDE has a spellcheck feature… which will occasionally fail to recognize a regular word and suggest that I replace it with a racial slur. Still, it’s decent more often than not.


compared to when I started learning english on my own with a shitty translator, we have done wonders on that front lol

Grammarly may not be perfect, but it does a lot. It helped me get better, I have it everywhere lol

As for advice, well…I don’t code so can’t give you advice there.

But when it comes to writing? The best advice I can give which seems to be forgotten often is: Write something you love, that you are passionate about and will have fun with. Because the road of writing is like Hercules pulling the damn giant rock behind him. Good Luck! :+1: