Help with Tiny Spell or Grammarley

Hay. I’m looking for help with the programs of Tiney Spell, or Grammarley, since as some of you have noticed, who have looked at my books, my grammer has something to be desired. So, if someone could give me some pointers for either of these, I would apretiate it. Anyway, hope you all have a good mother’s day today.

What kind of help?

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I guess help with generally getting acquainted with it? Unfortunately I can’t access the tiny spell help function, and I know pretty much nothing about Grammarly, except that it’s supposed to help you with grammar and writing and such.

In Grammarly after registration you can either create multiple documents for various scenes/chapters of your game or just use one document for quick check of the text pieces, deleting them from the document afterwards.
Overall it’s good enough for initial check. However, it has some difficulties with the code, and you probably would have to clean the scenes out before inputting them into Grammarly (i.e. replace all variables with words, delete tags for cursive, etc.).
Also some of the features are locked behind the paywall. These mistakes/suggestions still will be highlighted, but you’ll have to guess the correct version, as there won’t be any explanation in the free version. And obviously it won’t clear possible typos: “I” instead of “It” and so on.

From your description, it sounds like I’m doing most of that anyway. Though I’m more worried about the grammar in the actual typos, I can fix typos if I find them, grammar is the bigger issue as far as I’m concerned.
Shame about the code though, I guess if I really had to, I could split it into chunks.
I’ll take a gander at it, see if it’s worth The hassle of doing all the alterations to the code. Thanks for all the help. :slight_smile: