Need help with power source for witches?

Lastly thair is a wizard which is a Wich that gets thair magic from study of magic books and artifacts


I would go for etheral dragon ! Woo…

dunno , it just sound awesome :smiley:

and of course , there would mean a dragon gotta die first before it become etheral . And only then one can draw powers from it .

Also , one must do a ritual (or have an ability to be able to see or make them manifest) .


I finally was able to come up with something after reading @Eclipse post. I decided to pick some of you guys suggestions and sleep on it and then Bam!

I first started thinking about the witches and how they’re the closest things to mortals in the game.

They will have to fight against girls who embody literally the Greek goddesses of Mount Olympus, who are strong physically, they are immortal (can’t be killed by decapitation or stabbing and sickness is a no go) and they don’t age. They will also have to go possibly against girls who can channel the angels of Christianity, who can smite the most minors of offenses, who are not immortal, but they are not easy to kill either.

What could the witches have that can make goddesses and angels fear them? Then I thought knowledge, knowledge so ancient that it goes back to the first days of creation, knowledge of curses that could let them excommunicate angels from the holy trinity or rituals that can kill or trap or bind goddesses.

Their powers come from:

  1. A set of grimoires that contain all the History and knowledge of the universe that there will ever be (Past, present, and future).
  1. The amount of information revealed to a witch depends on the type of witch and how much they dare to bring themselves to the brink of death by aging themselves.
  1. To make use of any of the spells, curses, and rituals inside the grimoire, they must draw on an ethereal energy that is located outside the barriers of the limit of the universe. (which could corrupt them little by little)

Candles maybe? Burn a candle which is enchanted with a specific spell, gives you the ability to cast that spell while it’s burning or something

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