Need help with dashingdon saves

Hi, so I’m trying to make save slots for my WIP before I publish the demo publicly, but I can’t quite figure it out. From what I understand from reading a few posts on here, it’s just *sm_init (gametitle) | (number) on the bottom of the startup file, but when I do it and try to test it it gives this message:

SaveMod: Non existent slotCount argument for *init_savemod!

For context, I wrote it like this:

*sm_init operationdefiancedigitalwars | 5

Does anyone know why this is, and how to fix it? I’ve already checked off the save plugin setting, so I’m not sure what’s happening here.

Do you have some text before the command?

No, just variables.

Then I’m already out of ideas. :sweat_smile:

Try asking in the original thread as well.

CJW’s Save Plugin

By the way, consider this code generator for soft save system you want to include a save system in your game when ready for publishing.

I know that when I am working on my project and running the built in test routines, I put a comment before the *sm command … so it looks like: *comment *sm_init operationdefiancedigitalwars | 5

Then when I upload to Dashingdon’s I need to remove the comment…

Are you getting this error after uploading to dashingdon or while running in CSIDE?

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Your example looks correct, I think the problem may be the formatting. The save plugin for some reason thinks something’s wrong with the bit right after game title name.

Make sure that the text files are encoded in UTF-8, as are all the characters. Like the vertical bar | (U+007C.) Also make sure that none of those spaces between words are tabs.


@Zahr thats it, i just checked it out he mixed up spaces with tabs, I replicated it and got the same error.
@lyssentome replace tabs with spaces, and it should work.


Just managed to fix it! I did mix up tabs with spaces. Thanks for the help everyone!

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