Having trouble with Dashingdon's save plugin - can't make > 3 slots


Talking about “smPluginMenuAddon save plugin by CJW,” that easy option built into Dashingdon. It’s working fine except it only ever gives me 3 slots, even if I tell it to make more:

*sm_init seventeenth_spy | 5

is what I have now, but it’s still just giving me 3 save slots. What am I missing?


I think every WIP uploaded to dashingdon suffers from the same problem.
Let me summon the man @dashingdon


I thought I told you to stop rubbing my lamp, @Szaal !!!

Just kidding. :smile: I’ll look into it in a bit and update here with my findings.

But you only have two more wishes now.


Ok looks like it’s hard-coded in the smPlugin.js file. I have updated it to be 6 slots by default now instead of 3. When I get around to making the updates I will fix the hard-coded issue so that it respects the *sm_init command setting.


Thanks! 6 is a much more comfortable number, especially for longer games


Noo !!! :scream:
I… I use my second wish to grant me 10 more wishes!


I can’t stop laughing @dashingdon now you have created this


The plug in is now creating 6 slots even if author stated it to create 3


Well heck. Ok will look into getting it fixed soon.


Ok it defaults to 6 slots for everyone now regardless. I’ll have to make more extensive updates to allow authors to select the number of save slots at a later time.

Now you also only have two wishes left.


Looks like a bug, @dashingdon are you using the most up to date version? If you are, I’ll fix this upstream.


Noooooooo :scream:


Yes, I checked out the dropbox links and these look like the latest versions (smPlugin.js and smPluginMenuAddon.js).

For now I’ve just commented out saveMod.slotCount = Number(args[1]); and set the slotCount to 6 in the smPlugin.js file. I haven’t looking into why it is not honoring the slot count argument in the init line but I haven’t had any time to look into it yet. It could very possibly be an issue with the custom code on DashingDon that’s used to extend functionality in various ways.


I’ll take a look. I can’t help but feel like someone had a similar problem before (off of dashingdon), but I thought I fixed that. Maybe I didn’t :confused:

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