Save game, load game help for a total noob?

Tutorials on how to create ‘saves’ didn’t help me…I’m still way too clueless about it. :confused:

And when I try applying what was said (as a noob) nothing happens. No errors, but the saves/loads don’t work either.

So I either need:

  1. an explanation fitting for a noob.

or 2. the exact code I need on *create (startup.txt), and what I need to do after asking the player if they need to save (alternatively, if I could add in a feature that just saves automatically - for now- that would be okay too.) etc…If you already have that inside your game, I hoped you could copy paste it for me? If that’s okay.

I would also want to make the load screen work…help? :frowning:

NOTE 2: On Dashington, it says at the bottom of the screen 'error:bad slot, has SMplugin been included? …and as dumb as I feel about it, I have no idea what SMplugin means lol…is it connected to saves, loads? XD Since it doesn’t seem to interfere with the game itself or stat screen, so I’m just guessing.

At the start of the game:
*sm_init {gamename} | 3
*sm_init is the command. {gamename} obviously is the game’s name. 3 is the number of save slots. That’s literally it, except you have to enable the save slots in Dashingdon by editing the game’s details and ticking the box.
*sm_init mygame | 3


Oh, I had no idea I had to add something to make it work on dashington. o.o However, it also doen’t work when I preview from the folder but…that’s normal, I expect.

And that sounds different (and much simpler) from the wall of text I read…and didn’t fully understand. xD

I’m going to try this now, thank you! :smiley:

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It doesn’t work when you try it on your browser locally. It’ll probably say that command doesn’t exist. It works on Dashingdon though.

IT WORKED! :smiley:

Oh, wow, way too simple lol… facepalm Thank you!

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I couldn’t figure it out at first either. Though, you’ll have to improvise if you want to upload your game to Hosted Games… since it doesn’t support those kind of save slots. I personally make checkpoints.

@N1GHTMAR3 would this be the correct way to load a chapter? If i added:

*sm_init mygame | 2

at the begging of a chapter?

#New game
*goto_scene Startup
#Replay chapter
*goto sm_init mygame | 2

Without it adding stats you gathered throughout the chapter?

*sm_init is not a label and as such *goto wouldn’t work. Startup already loads on default to see the order of the scenes, so when starting a new game, you’ll have to make another scene for it or just make a label from which you may start the game.

*label mainmenu
 #New Game.
   *goto newgame
 #Replay Chapter 
   *goto chapterselection

*label newgame
Your adventures begin and bla bla bla.

*label chapterselection
 #Chapter 1
   *goto chapter
 #Chapter 2
   *goto chapter2
 #Main menu.
  *goto mainmenu

Loading and saving is already handled by the SMplugin, so you don’t need any additional commands besides the *sm_init.

And yep, keep in mind that this plugin is a mod. HG usually doesn’t accept mods without reasons (although save feature itself is a logical reason).


No additional commands are required, as you said, unless you decide to force a save.

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Thank you for the info! ^^

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