Need a spirit butler name

As I near the announcement of what I’ve been working on over the past few months, I have been adding some polish here and there and finishing up the final few chapters. Throughout writing I have simply used a placeholder name for the PC’s assistant, who is a god-like being that helps/informs the player of various things throughout the game. There is an option toward the beginning to rename him, he is identified as a male, but I need a default name for him that fits his character. Something like Jeeves or Jenkins, but a little less cliché and something that would fit a fictional diety. Any suggestions?

Here are some names I think sound like butler names if you want ideas, maybe you can change them up a bit (Sorry if any of these names are yours, I’m sure you don’t look like a butler): Barnabus, Wilfred, Caldwell, Benedict, Winston, Norman, Stuart, Hobbes, Edwin.

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You can go a few of different ways:

Generic - "Assistant"
Historical but Generic - Titan
Historical - Charon ( Assisted souls on their journey)

I personally like re-purposing Charon.




Hobbes is the name I like the best out of your list. Or Wilfred.

I’d just give him a super normal, boring name, that he goes by, and have him claim that his true name would be utterly unpronounceable by us.

Hmm I’m liking Gilroy too. “From an Irish surname, either Mac Giolla Ruaidh, which means “son of the red-haired servant”, or Mac Giolla Rí, which means “son of the king’s servant”.”


That would be awesome but tough.
…Normally I usually disregard these “help me find a name” Threads, but adding that joke at the end? Sure, :laughing: I’ll help. Okay, going on the limited information I have, I’d say the if this Spirit has a low view of humanity, then Hobbes would be appropriate. Barnabas could work, add a little mystery, (same for Edwin, though that seems more female then male, though that might work if they are somewhat ambiguous… ) another idea would simply be to use a random name generator and try to find what you think fits the best, personally, I use

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At first I thought the thread title meant like… a butler that just mainlines you gin at any hour of the day or night. In respect of this hilarious misunderstanding I propose the name Linus.

Sebastian also sounds good because I’m just that nerdy.If you want something that sounds otherworldly you might take a look through The Lesser Key of Solomon which I myself regularly mine names from.


Fingustus Barnaby!

Or you know something like Theodore or Armand.

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Eiwynn is a pretty good name.

@Johnny101 Thats a good resource reference, thanks.

Fingustus Eiwynn Alderson the Third


Boris. Davis. Reginald. Oswald. Lance. Jeff. Steve-O. Damian. Clarence. Winston. Bob. Marky-Mark. Alfredo. Huxtable. Christopher. Columbus. Alexander. Percival. Billy.

Random names off the top of my head.

The Great All-Knowing Deity, He Who Guides the Lost, Shepherd of Souls, Bringer of Knowledge and Bearer of Light, Billy.


Watsworth… Ok, Sorry.

What about Froderick?

@TheMaker He sounds pretty badass.

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The ever infallible yet faith Edward Reinbach


Mr E

okay…I am going to shut up with the referencing now…

Umbric, Sapollo, Artemik,Seus, Heri,and Deneter

Randome god names that I came up with.

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What about Ariel? After the spirit from The Tempest, not the mermaid.

What about Giles???