NaNoWrMo Project: Daemonglass - An Urban Fantasy CYOA: First draft of Chapter Two is complete

Good evening my fellow CoGgers.

So today is 1st November the month of the National Novel Writing Month. Well after seeing the topic go up about whether people are entering this year I decided that as the re-edits of UnNatural are done and the beta testing is going well. I decided to take a month break from writing in the Unnaturalverse so I don’t burn myself out.

So this gave me a month of free time, and alongside an interesting proof of concept I had from a scrapped idea for an Unnatural (scrapped as it didn’t fit the universe). I took a look at myself and thought why don’t I turn that idea into a short game as a proof of concept. So here is the intention for working on this project solely in November.

The working title is Daemonglass.

In this Urban Fantasy you play as a young seventeen year old who was born into one of several families of Enchanters, humans who can use runes to use nature’s energy/magic to combat evil creatures known as Daemons. Daemons however cannot be killed in the usual way, as any fatal wounds to their host simply send them back to the other side of the aether until they can reform and try and break through again.

To combat this runecraft was used to modify specially designed daemonglass spheres (known as daemonspheres) to seal daemons inside.

At the beginning of the story Daemons haven’t been seen for over a century, but that doesn’t stop your family from keeping on training you for when they obviously will return. (because if they didn’t the game could get boring!) well of course they come back at a certain point in the story and the player then has to catch them again.

You can play the initial first attempt at the character creation and world building here (just under 5000 words/code so far);

Comments as always is most welcome. I hope you enjoy this little fun project of mine.

edited to add; I’ve tried something different with this in regards the two main personal stats body and mind are given randomly between 5 and 15, this is to emulate the fact that people can be born with different constitutions not everyone will be born equal. to counter possible low scores you gain a boost elsewhere (in spirit and/or will). Don’t worry this will NEVER screw you over even if you get low scores in body AND mind as you’ll get a boost in spirit AND will which will balance things.


I’m intrigued! Keep up the good work!

Thanks it’s a fun concept to work with and I’m curious where I can take it in month :slight_smile:

nice concept. PS: is okay to put here instead of the WIP section?

It looks interesting. I hope you’ll have time to flesh it out. Also, I promise I definitely won’t keep rerolling until I get exactly what I want. That definitely won’t happen.

thanks, it should be okay because I’m developing a concept and there isn’t enough yet to be a wip. a mod will move it if they think its in the wrong place.

I expect people to re-roll so I don’t mind. As long as a few people go with the luck of the roll and still have fun I’ll be happy.

This is interesting. Wish we could pick more names though.

I’ll be adding more names soon (Alex and Sam next update) . Trying to keep the available names unisex as names not used will be used by future characters (the plan is to meet members of the familys you don’t pick.)

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Nice use of multiple choices on a screen! You don’t see that very much, and it has a lot of potential. Especially in giving a clear option to lie, hmm. Also generally a fan of randomized character creation keeping things interesting/realistic. You could offer the option to choose starting stats if people don’t like it (The Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum WiP does this).

I prefer Daemonglass – sphere sounds like it could be referring to another dimension or something, seems a bit more vague. Glass makes me curious, and I like the impression it gives me that Daemons can only be sealed in glass (not sure if that’s right, though!). Interesting thematically, and tricky since glass breaks so easily.


Robin would be another good unisex name.

Yeah I was worried about trying random stats but I actually like how if someone gets a low body score they get a high spirit score likewise a low mind score gets a high will score. Lose one thing you gain something else.

Your right about the glass (also mirrors) as it’s the reflection that helps capture them. And your right glass is fragile it’s why the spheres are usually kept safely locked up inside a vault.

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True and suits the themes with the names.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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Just a little input on the naming of your WiP. ‘Daemonsphere’ made me think of a place, like the Planar Sphere where Daemons exist or the Daemonic Sphere of Influence. As in It didn’t convey the meaning of what a Daemonsphere is in the game. Daemonglasa is at least more vague in that I didn’t get an immediate association. If first impressions count that might be a better choice.

@Alexandra @Spire

Yeah I’m leaning towards Daemonglass myself as it sounds a much more interesting title and although the orbs are called Daemonspheres in the game that title does hint at referring more to a place.

Then why not make a poll on it? Winner gets to be the title.

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Let’s ask the masses. Which title do you like the most?

  • Daemonsphere
  • Daemonglass

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I like both, but I like Daemonglass more.

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demo updated with 1000 more words/code simple filler which I’ll rewrite tomorrow. Just trying to get pronouns working. Plus side you get to meet (although briefly) the three (for the moment) potential ROs Haven (your mentor) Emery (your friend) and Quinn (your rival) all of which can be male, female or nonbinary.

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Demo updated with just over 2000 words/code.

Whats new: a bit of text rewritten, Haven’s intial path complete (get to see runes in action), Emery’s path is partly done (go to the library or practice with them, relax path incomplete), Quinn’s path isn’t finished. [The game should still reach the end of the demo even if you chose an incomplete path.]

The poll is progressing nicely too with Daemonglass seems to the more liked title. I’ll leave it open over the weekend and then will close it Sunday night.

Link to first post for access to game link;

Enjoy and as always comments are appreciated.

edit: Just broke 10,000 words/code now. All intial meetings with the current planned ROs are done. The demo ends with the player going to sleep the day before the test.