NaNoWriMo 2019

1944 words last night bringing the count to 28,644 words. I really think I need to keep this up past November more often


I really think we here in the forum should make more contests and even Speedrun to write scenes in hours and something that challege people and cheer us to improve our writing.


That sounds like a good idea. but maybe workshops as opposed to contests?

Like there is a prompt and a word limit and everyone can submit something?


Yeah, something like that challenges but it doesn’t need to be a competitive thing. Could be on teams like workshops.


Since we’re at the halfway point, an update! I’m at 24,796 words and only now getting to my actual project. :see_no_evil: The pre-work was a lot more than I was expecting. We trod onward!


Cheers to everybody here taking this challenge. It is really difficult to get the needed amount of work done on a daily basis

Well, we are halfway through NaNoWriMo and I am delighted to say that I have a playable version of my project :ghost:


2361 words today bringing the total count to 31,025 words.

Well done everyone. Keep it up!


Today has been little less than 2,000 but I started the code and edited a little so I am happy.


This busy weekend I’m about to have is about to derail me and I’m going to have another 5k day :dizzy_face:


Having a break today. Did a little bit earlier but not part of my Nanowrimo project so not counting it.


Well, I’m back in positive territory today with about 1,500 new words (I estimated as I forget the exact word-count I had this morning). So 9,918 total words for NaNo thus far…

and I finished the draft of my game! I’ll email it in tomorrow.


I wish I could reply to all of you, but all of your progress and every single one of your updates is really just so admirable. I hope you guys are as proud of your work as you should be because the production here is phenomenal.

Even if you don’t hit the word count, even if don’t think the current/final outcome is to your satisfaction, all the energy and effort put into your work translates into a reflection of your talent and hard work.

You’ve got this and you’re doing lovely things.

Goooo team! :100:


As for my update; I’m about 20,000 words in - I’ll have to check again to see the exact count - but I am actually so happy with progress. :muscle: I will reiterate that I forgot how much fun writing can be when you aren’t writing for an audience and don’t have the pressure to make your work enjoyable to read. (I’ve also found it impossible to concentrate on…anything the past year due to extenuating circumstances, so I am a bit surprised at myself.)

I do love people reading my work probably more than anything, and subsequently writing things for people to hopefully enjoy and escape to as reading has done for me in the past and present, but it personally adds so many layers of stress that it feels like two different actions ha.

With this month’s work, I can safely affirm that I am hopelessly ensnared with some of my characters and that I’m really falling in love with them, their stories, and their world (and it’s lore). Even more so as I develop all its fine details out from the original general block that it was and that was sitting in my head and messy journals for so long. Just taking the time to get it all ironed out vs rushing into it and losing motivation as my signature move usually goes. B)

Overall, I think this has been a really productive NaNo so far, no matter the outcome of the final word count. :balloon:


I had a day full of chores today, and my cold from last week is experiencing a zombie resurgence. I also spent a fair amount of time testing the late parts of the game, and writing debug code so that I can continue testing it more easily. I wrote about 400 new words of prose before breaking off. I’d like to write more, but at least I know what the next thing I need to do is, and I have some interesting new ideas for a scene I was stumped on last week.


After a break yesterday I’ve finished today on 2,306. My biggest issue I’ve noticed atm and is something I will fix in re-edits is I can’t settle on the story being past or present tense which could make things confusing.


After a two-day migraine and rest break, I went on a writing spree yesterday.

I actually wrote 7,453 words, which is about 1,600 over my daily goal up to yesterday. I tried stopping earlier but knew that if I stopped at an artificial point during my writing session, that I would only confuse myself later when I went back to my work today.

I already updated the post up-thread with all the numbers.

Everyone have a good day/night.


1400 today. :smiley:

I will never get to 2000 a day. As english isn’t my first language and thus take a bit longer for me to write than my native tounge. That said, if I can get myself to work a bit most days this will be worth it.

During the weekend I was distracted by worldbuilding (and not at all pokemon :relaxed:) . I had to figure out a namescheme as I was getting to the point were placeholders were more distracting than usefull.

I also had my example of a branch getting out of hand. What was meant to be just a single paragraph if the MC is manipulative ballooned into this:


“Our cook is truly and artist in the utterly monotone.” You say, mirroring {lir} smile. “You are new here, right? In that case I doubt you have yet his true specialty: Beets and salted meat thrown into a pot and boiled until you can’t taste what was once beet and once meat.”

Your fellow ward snorts, before {le} cast a quick glance around the eating place to see if anybody has noticed you talking. “I am glad to see that somebody in this place has a sense of humor. I’ve heard nothing but ‘honor your fate’, ‘praise the gods’, since I came here.”

I’m glad, I read you right. You think internally, but outwardly you dryly remark. “I see that High Prophet Trero has taken an interest in you.”

“Tell me about it.” !{le} says, but very doesn’t elaborate. “Anyway, I’m {Leter}. It’s a pleasure to meet you…?”

“Trero gave me the impression that you have been a ward for most of your life.” {Leter} admits. “He said that your parents were victims of the raids?”  

You hesitate when hearing the High Priest lies. So far you are sure that you have made a good impression on your fellow ward, but that doesn’t necessarily that you want to be best friends with your fellow ward. Do {Leter} really need to know 	the truth about your parents?
	Why not? A little bit of openness will cost you nothing, and will make you seem trustworthy and honest.
	“I have been told that my parents were bribed by the raiders. How I am not exactly sure, but a lot of people died and they were sentenced to salvaging.”
	“That’s…” {Leter} falters and looks down on {lir} hands. For a moment you think that {le} is not going to continue, but then {le} mutters. “Mine were taken for heresy.”

	Your eyes widen at the statement. Heresy most likely means that {Leter}’s parents prayed to either the Blue Moon or the Snake - the two excluded gods. It’s also the two gods you know absolutely nothing about, as you’ve never managed to find any text alluding to what they are actually gods off. Furthermore {Leter} can be no more than a year younger than you, which mean that unlike you {le} has likely spent most of {ler} life outside the 	temple.

	You might just be sitting across someone with a very vast knowledge of two powerful gods. The possibilities of 	what you could do with such information is dizzying. 
		Lean closer to {Leter}, a little giddy. If you could get some information about of the two excluded 	gods, you could very likely open a communication with one or both of them. 

		You cast a brief glance down the table to ensure that nobody pays attention to the to of you. “Tell 	me!” The words slips by your lips like a prayer. “Please tell me what you know about the excluded 	gods.” 

		As soon as the words are said you know they were a mistake. {Leter}’s eyes widened and {lir} 	shoulder tenses. “I… have no idea what you are talking about.” {le} says as {lir] eyes too flick 					towards the priests.

		“It doesn’t have to be right now.” You try to salvage the situation, but you can see that {le} is not buying it. “I just need to know.”
		“I really do not know what you are talking about!” {Leter} stands up, the movement sudden and desperate. “I’m sorry, but I have to go and see the High Prophet!” {le} lies before {le} basically 	flees from you.

		Gods be damned. You think as you return to you tasteless breakfast. You really screwed that one up.
		Not much to be done about it, though. For now it is best you get something in your stomach no matter 	your appetite. When the bell rings you have a meeting with a god scheduled and you will need your 	full strength for that.
		Pretend you didn’t hear what {Leter} just admitted.
		“Parents!” You say keeping your tone light. “Ruins your life no matter what you do.”
		“Even the devils know that.” {Leter} agrees. !{le} too keeps {lir} tone light, but you do note how tension leaves {lir} shoulders. “Honestly, I think -”
		What {Leter} thinks you will never know. The morning bells rings, signaling the the time for morning prayer. “Ah,” {Leter} says with a shrug. “Time to praise the gods.”
		“The easiest way to avoid a lecture from the High Prophet, trust me. Should we go together?”
		“I would like to, but Trero wants to oversee my prayers until I… adjust.”
		There is so much to unpack in that sentence, but now is not the time. “See you in the evening, 	then?”
		“Yes! Let’s talk more at dinner.” {Leter} gets up to find Trero, but gives you a bright smile and a small hand wave which you return. 

		It’s quite clear that you’ve made an interesting friend today. One who you are sure you can find 	some use for. For now, though, you have a meeting with a god and a nightmare to discuss. You’ve put it off for far too long.

It has not been spellchecked or formatted yet. But, yikes, suddenly much more than a paragraph. That said, I am happy about it because that means that the story is finally beginning take off.:partying_face:


I made this attempt for the 1,000 words contest. Feedback will be appreciated.


I managed to dredge up 2k words today. Now I’m just 6k behind schedule for tomorrow :dizzy_face::tired_face: catching up is terrible!
7453 words!? That’s amazing! I wish I could write that much in a single day. Or at least had enough time to.


I fought past my zombie cold tonight and went to a write-in after having spent most of the day (…and yesterday) in bed. I wrote about 1300 words and trimmed some old, unnecessary code. I’m also very near the end of my checklist for the next version, which I’m feeling great about. Hopefully tomorrow will be another good day.


Got another 2 thousand, if I can continue at this pace, and also get 4K ish sometime this weekend I’ll be back on track.