N.O.A.H's Ark WiP (Ch2 Updated 12/2/2017)



Also, don’t make the straight guy awesome and the gay guy a jerk… :grimacing:


Wait… which male RO is this?


Don’t worry, I have a cool idea for a gay RO whose not a jerk. That being said every RO has some kind of issue to give them personality and can be fixed/worked around to help with the relationship. Some are more obvious than others, while some can be figured out later in the relationship. :slight_smile:


Hey guy, I have a question and want yalls opinion. I’m working on chapter 2 and when I finish should I go ahead and post it or save it and post 2+3 together and make y’all wait a little longer?


I have no problem if you post just chapter 2 or chapter 2 and 3, so post whatever that suit you the best :slightly_smiling_face:


I like the demo can’t wait for the full game it has a different vibe then other stories I played enjoyed it alot


@Brian_Santa_Maria Glad you like it! I don’t know what i’m Doing differently, but I’ll keep doing it :joy:


Expect chapter 2 this week!


Just noticed this, by the way:

When you’re too shy to shake hands - this is long before you get to pick gender.

Perhaps ‘You’re coming on too strong’ or something? :thinking:


@Taylor_Enean Good catch, I’ll fix this in the ch2 update!


Hey guys Chapter 2 is out! Thoughts?


Love it, can’t wait to find out the full mystery behind it all!


Played through once, so far. I ded. Pesky little clouds. :crazy_face:

Like it, keep it up. :relaxed:


@Natman1025 Glad you like it, thanks for playing!

@Taylor_Enean Sorry to hear that! As it states I don’t have a save system inplimanted yet (I looked around and don’t really know how to code it). Does it feel fair though? I feel like I tried to subtly warn the reader against a “bad” decision there


This might help…
Pretty sure you just have to download it then add something like this:
*sm_init mygame | 3
Hopes this helps… :sweat_smile:


@UserTheBystander Thanks so much! I look at inplimanting it


You defo should put save in there so we don’t have to start again


@Harley_Robin_Evans I’ll for sure look at it as soon as I can. Finals are sticking it to me sideways currently, but if I make it through them I’ll figure it out


Hey everyone, schools had me down and with the upcoming holidays I doubt I will work much on the story during December. I’ll be back on track in January, Happy Holidays!


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