Myths of Eternity: Fantasy Adventure inspired by mythic tales. [WIP]

I’ve heard of Crusader Kings, and a friend of mine is a big fan, but I’ve never gotten too into it myself.

In regards to school, I’m taking Linear Algebra at the moment, trying to get it out of the way in the 6 week summer session.

In regards to the world however, I have in fact been developing the overall idea somewhat steadily for around three years now. I would say I’m somewhat invested in it, and this project is an attempt to explore something set in the past in comparison to what I’ve mainly been developing.

This was pretty badass, not one boring page, it was all interesting. Can’t wait to read more.

I enjoyed playing this. The Starlit Lord himself seems very interesting. Can’t wait to see how my character progresses. :smile:

I recently binge-played a bunch of demos (right before making an account), and this was one of the ones that really stood out to me. I like the idea of having a power level somewhere between Greek God and Common Schmuck, so I don’t have to worry too much about being weak, but also have to think a little about my decisions.

I would like to see more about why the Starlit Children are considered abominations. I would almost suspect the Sun Lord of being jealous of his brother’s creations, but he has a great big dragon, so I’d say he’s fine as far as creating powerful beings goes.

Hey, really happy that you enjoyed what’s there so far, and as soon as I finish compiling everything I want flushed out for the setting, more work will be getting done on it.

Now, in regard to the Sunfire Lord’s comment, that’s something I do plan on expanding on in the story at a point relatively soon in the story. However, as it isn’t spoilery, the main reason he calls them abominations is because they’re made in the image of Eternals, which while never explicitly forbidden by The Eldest, it is still something he’d object to if he were still around.

It is possible to take over the world in the future?

Unfortunately, that isn’t exactly the purview of this particular work. I do have ideas kicking around in my head that might make that possible, but that’s something for another time.

I have a good deal of the setting past the point in time the game takes place already flushed out, and I can say that if any period of time in the setting is suited to conquest it’s the one that comes directly after the story’s events.

Oh, and @Lazarus, I must simultaneous blame and congratulate you for putting CK2 in my head. An exceptional amount of fun, but certainly a time consuming pastime.

While I am a fair bit reluctant to double post, I feel as though this would be better done in a separate one. As a fair number of people have expressed interest in the setting being more explicitly flushed out, here is a link to some of the setting lore that I’ve been trying to hash out. To note, there are some parts that are still up for change, and others that I’ve edited out of this version for spoilery reasons, but I think it’s a decent primer.

Eternity Archive: Origins

… I can sense powerful myth vibes from this one. I felt like I was a spirit serving under the Pantheon of Gods, or an newborn angel serving under some god’s court…

It felt…

It felt epic.

That’s the only word that comes into my mind right now.

What a great way to return to the forums.

I’m very glad that those feelings were conveyed, shows that I’m accomplishing what I’m trying to. I’m also glad that constitutes a good return, hopefully what’s coming up gives you a reason to stay.

@Coal_95, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to respond but here I go: I told you, ruins ma life. It’s like a time vacuum, once ya start playin’, it just steals your concept of time even if you play at an accelerated game speed. (I play at the max, by the by.) Do you have any of the DLCs yet? They make everything worse (I really mean so much better), the amount time it robs of you once you have the DLCs as well is astounding. So in conclusion, your welcome, you didn’t need time anyway.

Also, I’ll read the origins another day my friend because, I’m so tired right now I feel like I just donated bone marrow to person in prison the world 'round.

There is little that shall perturb me.

I do in fact have several of the DLCs actually, one of my favorite things to do is circumvent most of the Viking Age by uniting Scandinavia during the age of Charlemagne. And read the origins whenever you so which pal, it’s there if ya want it.

Unfortunately for the progress of this project, school has started back up for me, and Engineering school requires a lot of my attention. My hope is to make a significant amount of progress once I hit a break, but if work and school allow for it I’ll do my best to get something done.

Now that I’ve wasted more of your time, go enjoy some rest.