My Wedding Weekend


Hey all –

As you may have noticed, my partner and I are getting married this weekend. (Let’s not think about how weird it is that @cataphrak and I will both be married to Marissas very shortly).

Please be on your best behavior between now and Tuesday. Things are already stressful enough here, and I’m going to have very limited access to the internets from Thursday until Tuesday.

If the mods have to summon me during that time, there will be hell to pay. :slight_smile:

That said, now is your opportunity to compose flowery blessings and well-wishes for the future for your tin-pot tyrant.




I’ll certainly try to be on my best behaviour, and I’m sure everyone else will as well. If not, then I suppose fear of this battlestation of mod vigilance will do the trick.


Congratulations! Best wishes for both your wedding and for your future together!


I just hope they do not try to clone you again, the horrors from the last time still leaves me numb. However, tech has improved a lot hmmm…

Anyway mad experiments aside congrads.


Hum… The Marissas. They spread. It’s a conspiracy, I tell’s you, a conspiracy!

In all seriousness, congratulations Jason. All the best on your big day!


Congratulations to you @jasonstevanhill and Marissa!
:tada: :confetti_ball: :wedding: :cake: :wine_glass: :smile:


The conspiracy of free alpha testers, I tell you!
Well we’ll just have to see what evil influence the Marissa’s deign to exert on the future installments of the Vampire and Infinity series will we. :smiling_imp:

Seriously, congrats man. :smile_cat:

Of course, if you’d lived here, in the Netherlands I’d have given you a business card of our office neighbours along with the bottle of Champagne. :innocent:


Felicitations on your imminent law-bonding to Marissa Prime, and wishes for many solar rotations of bliss!


Well, my brother did date a girl called Marissa for a while. Maybe it is a conspiracy.

Anyway, @jasonstevanhill, congrats for both you and your loved one! :tada::sparkler::confetti_ball:


Congradulations and good with to you and your other, may your future be bright and outlast the stars.




:sparkles: :champagne::beers::sparkles:


Congratulations to both yourself and your partner!

Unwanted Wedding Advise #395201 from medieval common law:

Advise The Wedding Party that must accompany you into your bedchambers on the wedding eve *_must hear the bed supports creak_* in order to be lawful witnesses that the marriage was consummated ...

I wish you two a full life together going forward.


First, I’ll start with some French.

Félicitations, et Champagne!

Second, I’ll say for my defense that I just woke up, and misread your message, as I thought that you were marrying Cataphrak and that Marrissas was a city… facepalm

This being said, I wish you and your wife a wonderful wedding, and life! :grin:


Hooray! Congratulations!


Congratulations and good luck to you both!!


I can feel your love through the overt threats.

Have a nice time.


Congratulations to you both! Wish you both the best of wishes and blessings both on your wedding and on the marriage to follow.


Biggest congratulations! :grin:

Don’t worry about me behaving. I’m only a danger to myself mostly. Traits of the village idiot.


You got married? I don’t believe in that kind of thing. Harrumph, I tell you. :frowning2:

I’ve also been married for almost seven years, and have been happy. Good luck with that kind of thing and such. :tada:


Congratz Jason! Best wishes on your upcoming nupitals.

Yep, at first I read it as Jason and Cataphrak both marrying a person named Marissas in some sort of poly marriage… :smiling_imp: