My startup file is screwed up?


Everything in the file was replaced by this:

i×ê\¹ië{¬a^äòqdŠ£ŽNð;¾ºA € ù uÎ.£T>V„tBÚÆ ;½WD € D-¥Äì-s·dýßÖGG
s;½Qr € wc”œ
D¦¬=‹ ),øßbÒ;¾» € ˆ0°Ðê4©@?ìÎHÈpšÕ;¾°Û € bhÀ õN÷‰{{‰I-ðý+þÚ;¾µ_ € «ß„@¡%Ns5lf²Ök¹ ÃÀ;¾¶ÈVa•l € B¢ñQ^mÛJY^`Uu=Â¥ÌÞà;¾³^V1—þ € âæz÷Žš=¾l¨ûgùÃ|ÿ¯œ3;½YÚÿÿÿÿ € xá°t è˃fÅ%O–ê%²;¾µ9YÌsg € íœba]¼ûDðöJvK|'bY;½Zéÿÿÿÿ € «åéë‡_¸çmN’9 ’-—;½Y € ?#>ð#—˜j–Ç»upe~Ÿ÷;¾µ_ € œ)RœâåŒé::ÿÃ9^¾§¨¼;½NôVW€· € ¶Ê´žük0ÉŽ˜íQ±x5Ó;½Ua € ] ]„øǯ¥¼OÒÑãt[ó— 4o;½N­V7hY À 8¬§œ¹¦K¨›>☞ÓÖa-Á[y ÿÿÿÿ € 6°¼K[%àW³TGå;¾·;VMœ € «ÑÈŠIoöÌÀÿ[ŠâÁ[;½ZCÿÿÿÿ € …gŸŸ(¬”4é erÅ™ƒ;½Wþ € Öö°ýsKœõ[wÛfí(Õ;½Zr € Åž±WLV•Í™’3dZG¨¬z±“G;½SñXÏ: €

No other file is like that, and I have no idea what could have possibly happened to it .:confused:
It’s like that on both notepad and notepad++.


Have you checked if the encoding is messed up? Or perhaps about character sets?


I have absolutely no idea what any of that means. :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t take my word for it, but its possible that you’re file was ‘compressed’ during a save. or that possibly there’s a language error.

I googled ‘Notepad ++ gibberish’ if you want to look in that direction.