Trouble Opening Startup.txt

So, I’m kinda new to the whole making of interactive games, and I’m having trouble with ‘‘Introduction to ChoiceScript’’ thing.
I can’t seem to find web/mygame/startup.txt file, and can someone explain what is UTF encoding, BOM and ANSI?
Help is really appreciated.

When you download the ChoiceScript package, unzip the .zip folder , open it and go to web\mygame\scenes
startup.txt is in there.

For saving with UTF encoding, open a text file with Notepad and go to ‘Save As’. At the bottom of the window you’ll see this dropdown menu for Encoding - select UTF-8 from the options there.

It just means that letters like é or anything like that will display correctly.

Wow, thanks! Didn’t expect it to be that simple!

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Please do not recommend doing that @DUNGEON_MASTER. Instead people should 1) use the correct categories, and 2) marking it as solved through the tick mark under the menu on a post. It pulls the answer to the top which makes it easier for anyone else searching to find.

Understood @RETowers

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Wow, I never knew about the ‘solution’ option on posts! Is that new or am I just unobservant?

No, I just turned it on for ChoiceScript Help like a week ago. :slight_smile: