My Island: Freedom Fighter (WIP)

I’ve begun work on my first game My Island: Freedom Fighter. In it, you’re a nobody that gets involved in a revolution in the mid-20th century on a fictional tropical island in the Caribbean. Fight for personal glory, wealth, or freedom of your people. What will you stand for? Who will you stand with?

Currently it’s just a prologue and 1st chapter done, and I plan on updating every few weeks. Right now, I’m planning about 10 chapters. I’m new to coding and writing so please bear with me as I learn.

To play the demo, go here:

Looking forward to getting feedback as it progresses. Thanks!

Current Work

  1. Debugging the stats page
  2. coding Chapter 2.

Can we end up as “El Presidente!” ourselves eventually? :wink:

Also the stats don’t load for me. Did you implement any yet?


There can only be one ‘El Presidente’. But you also can’t fight a revolution by yourself.

I’ve been working on this idea for a bit because the choices that are made during times of great societal change by individuals are interested me. So have the personal relationship and histories of those individuals and how the dynamics change over time.


This is interesting! The demo is a bit too short for me to give a full opinion, but I liked the island and the alternate history you created for it. I also liked all the different jobs and backstories for the MC, and how you already get a sense of the setting’s dynamics and the changing relationships between the characters. The only thing is that all of the MC’s preset names seem to be male options – can you play as a woman in this?

Looking forward to seeing where Rosa went! :relaxed:

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100% I will update when I upload Chapter 2. Thanks for asking!

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I also wanted the elements of government management after the revolution, as I said before.

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Hello. The demo was a bit short for me to give a fulk review but i like what i see so far. The family custom name has a bug. You cant put a custom name as your family name…so pls fix that. And it would be really helpful if you could add more jobs for the mc. I wanted to be a doc. But since i wasnt able to finish school i understand that its not possible. So how about something close to being a doctor? Thanks

Thanks for the feedback and insights for those who posted.

This has been fixed. Please let me know if you see other oversights like this! Thank you!

I’m working on having that bug free for Chapter 2 as the stats will impact your level of success or failure. There aren’t any checks in Chapter 1. Hopefully I’ll finish ironing them out soon.

Great question. The careers offer additional skill trees that cover medicine if that’s how you want to play.

I’m working on including the balance of governance vs. fighting and then, if successful, how transitional power structures and the choices that are made happen. But you will also just have to survive too.


Currently it’s just a prologue and 1st chapter done, and I plan on updating every few weeks.

Chill, bro. It’s been two days.


What events are there in this game and what factions are there?

Nationalist vs republicans i guess?

In case the revolution wins, there will be another chapter to decide the direction of the country or the president will die and everything is fine.

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Things for future chapters:
-But if we both hate them, why are we fighting each other?
-Why are you shipping olive oil here? Oh
-Not all killers use guns
-if you have three apples and people want you to give them seven apples, how do you avoid death?
-Voting…for one or all?

I can’t give a lot more details so something I haven’t written yet.

I’m alluding to things like ‘voting’ can be messy and vary greatly between countries. Does everyone have a vote? Is there any real difference in those choices or is one person really holding all the power? How do those in power react when their power is threatened by an election if they even allow that to happen? Hope that makes sense.

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What does “Voting… for one or all?” Mean?
(I didn’t ask for details, I simply couldn’t understand the meaning of the words. Because I am not a native language English.)

Progress Update: With the holidays, things have been a little slower. I’ve finished Chapter 2 and working on debugging it and the stats page before uploading. As I started mapping more of the gameplay, I realized I was going to need more stats than originally planned for factions, resources, and relationships. Will update when it’s ready.


Will nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants appear in this game in any way?

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Could you tell me again about the political system of this game?

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