- New ChoiceScript Game Hosting

Thanks, I shot him a PM and asked for some more info on what’s needed to take over it.


Thank you, instead.

If you’re able to, it’ll be a benefit to all of us! :slight_smile:


Hey, every time I try to play any WIP this message appears:

Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘line’)

Is there any solution?


Have you tried playing with a different device or browser

Also refreshing your browser might fix it.

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hello, is this the right thread to ask questions about

few months ago I tried uploading a testing codes just to see if it works and I left it there,
today I tried to upload a completely new codes and deleted the previous files, even deleted the game folder itself

but everytime I try to playtest, the one that runs is the older version of the game, not the newest one I just uploaded, how do I fix this?

I mean, I deleted all files and even the folders itself and clicked the “create a new game” to make sure all files are deleted, but the old game still there

*note: the URL seems to be identical since I use the same name for the game, is that the cause? should I use different name? is the URL linked to some files that I don’t even know where is it?

please help, thank you :pray:

EDIT: Oh I saw the directory link and I seems the startup.txt didn’t changed at all, the startup codes are still the old ones even though I uploaded a new one, and I don’t have a clue on what to do about it

Try to clear the Cache in your browser. I have noticed that my demo updates use a lot of cached information to make loading faster, but that means that it takes while to update to current versions of the page.

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For some time now I have been having problems when playing games hosted on Moody, basically it won’t let me do anything, when choosing an option, or wanting to change a setting, I get this error.

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I’m currently getting the same error kathy did a year ago. It happens when I try to log in. I’m also not getting the ability to save in any demos.

500 Internal Server Error

Undefined array key “pass” (2)

#0 /var/www/ flight\Engine->handleError() #1 /hid/flight/core/Dispatcher.php(165): {closure}() #2 /hid/flight/core/Dispatcher.php(143): flight\core\Dispatcher::callFunction() #3 /hid/flight/Engine.php(322): flight\core\Dispatcher::execute() #4 /hid/flight/core/Dispatcher.php(196): flight\Engine->_start() #5 /hid/flight/core/Dispatcher.php(142): flight\core\Dispatcher::invokeMethod() #6 /hid/flight/core/Dispatcher.php(48): flight\core\Dispatcher::execute() #7 /hid/flight/Engine.php(65): flight\core\Dispatcher->run() #8 /hid/flight/core/Dispatcher.php(196): flight\Engine->__call() #9 /hid/flight/Flight.php(77): flight\core\Dispatcher::invokeMethod() #10 /var/www/ Flight::__callStatic() #11 {main}

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Not sure if you resolved this issue, but I had an issue with one of my really old WIPs I checked up on that’s hosted on dashingdon’s the other day and was getting that error. I couldn’t work out why it wouldn’t run (tried private window. other browser etc) so copied the text files over into a new listing and it worked fine. If you’re trying to play old games might be a similar glitch? I seem to remember it happening on another of my older games a while back as well that I just replaced the listing on.

Edit: actually just rechecked and it’s not the same error. It’s saying “this.accumulatedParagraph is undefined”.

We need more saves slots for moody having only 3 slots is both very limiting and frustrating 5 slots min would be a good and reasonable number, if possible please. That and being able to see what is saved in what slot. That is one thing Dashing will have a one up on Moody.


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To my knowledge, the site is no longer being updated, or even maintained


Yes please don’t ping dashingdon to bother him about updates on these sites. He is no longer planning for updates. If you need more slots I recommend transferring your game across from moody to dashingdon’s original site. (Or if it’s not your game probably not much you can do about it.)


Wish COG themselves start maintaining the sites. The choicescript version is going to be outdated soon


There’s no plans for that. It sounds like everyone will need to move to alternative compiled hosting in places like itch which isn’t ideal if you want to code dive when beta testing but is the way it is.


Sorry ladies and gents but I just don’t have time to invest in these sites right now. I’m working two jobs and spent what free time I can with my family. I’ve done my best to maintain the sites and reply to any issues like password resets, but I’m not going to be making any updates in the foreseeable future.

The offer still stands to transfer to someone who has the experience to manage it.

Thanks everyone. Sorry for the bad news.


Thank you so much for all you have done, Don. I hope no one takes it for granted. And family always has to come first.


Absolutely, you’ve contributed a huge amount to the community and what you’ve done is really amazing. Offline life and family are of course top priority :heart:


I’ve got the server set up–had to move from Kamatera to NameCheap, and had to register a domain ( to get a VPS set up–I just need to know how to install the software and set up the database(s). I saw the DDLs in the git repo, but am not sure what needs to be done and where I need to clone the repo (I don’t like cloning in web root, due to security issues, but am not sure what needs to be put there for the front end to work).

If you’ll shoot me an email/message with some basic install instructions, I can finish setting it up. And you can transfer to me so I can point it to the same server.

Probably need a restore of the database from your end so everyone doesn’t lose all of their data, too. I thought I had emailed you the login info so you can get in and do what you need, but couldn’t find any discussion with you in my PM history. Not sure what’s going on there!


The new server is set up and operational under a different domain name.

Before Don transfers the domain to me, we’d like to see who wants their account moved from the present server to the new server.

If you want your account moved over, please either leave a message here or shoot me and Don a PM. He can back up the relevant data and put it on the new server.

Going forward, if you are interested in helping maintain/expand the code, it’s on github. A coworker of mine will likely be helping out with that, and adding some new functionality (such as the ability to reset your password yourself and change the number of saves allowed).


Chani: thank you so much for taking this on. Don has provided such an invaluable service to the community for so many years; I’m relieved and grateful that someone is willing to take the torch from him.

If I had any real-world coding skill I’d volunteer to help you…but ChoiceScript is all I know. :frowning:

Anyway: yes, I’d like my account and the draft of Choice of Rebels: Stormwright to roll over to the new domain, please.