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Yes! I just uploaded Last Dream on at THIS LINK.

It seems to work nicely!

Thank you, @dashingdon :sunglasses: You’re number one!

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I know dashingdon has a lot going on, so I don’t expect any response from him, but has anyone else had issues updating files on moody ink this weekend? It worked fine last month, but now I can’t seem to get the new files to overwrite the old ones.

I’m guessing its user error (as usual) but I just thought I’d ask.

Is it possible to delete a account since i am not using the email anymore

@dashingdon For me i hope the website have screen-reader friendly version to make the game listed more simple.
That’s all for me other than that the website pretty good :slightly_smiling_face::+1::pray:

Hi all.

I am having a slight issue with and

And when I say slight, I actually mean a massive huge issue. I am physically unable to create a new game on dashingon or moody. When I would attempt it, on either website, I would recieve an error message, and be unable to progress further.

Now, my Wip is already uploaded to Moody, so it isn’t really a problem for now, but I’ve had people tell me that they cannot access and asked if I could put the game on dashingdon. I, obviously replied to this with, “Yes, of course!” But dashingdon said, “Nuh uh.”

In fact, I forgot to mention that the current build of my WiP that is uploaded to moody is a private test build that I made public because the site wouldn’t let me create a new game.

For refrence, these are the error messages from both moody and dashingdon:

Dashingdon error

Moody error

Now, at first I thought it was a software issue, as my laptop is admittedly, pretty crap, so I moved onto a high end desktop PC to try again.

Same issue.

It was at this point, that I began tearing my hair out. I opened the site’s code to search for the errors that were mentioned on a line, but the code wasn’t that many lines long…

I even made a new email, and account for dashingdon, yet the issue persisted.

I am presuming that this issue is only occuring for me, as if no one could create games, then I’m pretty certain there’d be an uproar. And plus, I’ve seen new WiP’s popping up left right and centre.

Anyone have any ideas? I’m losing my sanity at this point.

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It looks like your game title has some special characters in it that are causing issues with the game entry in the table. By special characters I mean not in the standard English language (umlauts and virgulillas et cetera). For now the solution would be to only use standard English characters in the title and I apologize for that but it is a limitation of the setup and not a purposeful lack of support for other characters.


Hello everyone,

Over the last year my availability to work on these sites has diminished to near nothing. I’m afraid that I cannot offer the updates and support required to run these sites any longer. If anyone has relevant experience (PHP/JS/HTML/MySQL(MariaDB)/Apache) and has the time and inclination to undertake responsibility for please get in touch with me. I will make time to provide any instructions or details you need to take over.

Alternatively if anyone would like to set up on github for community contributions and fixes please feel free to send a message and I will help in getting that set up.

Thank you everyone for your support and patience over the years. Regardless of getting someone else to help here or not I will ensure that the sites at least remain functional as long as I can.


I’m having this same issue. I even deleted a chapter and the website is still allowing it to be read but it is no longer listed on the Directory.

I’m aware Dashingdon isn’t available any longer— if you ever read this, thank you for all the amazing work you’ve done for this community throughout the years — but I’m hoping someone else might help me.

How exactly do I restrict access to my game? Can I add emails or only existing usernames? And is there a limit to how many people I can add to my restricted list?

2 Likes has a section to add usernames for access and it’ll block everyone else. I have not tested it out to see how well it works.

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The setup for now has a public repo: GitHub - DRElliston/

I will try to answer any questions and help anyone who wants to create their own hosting site (or take over Please contact me here or on GitHub.


@moderators :sos: or anyone who can

When I play my WIP using the playtest option in the Moody dashboard I can save and load the game just fine.
If I use the link to the game it is not working there is this warning at the top of my browser

Warning: Undefined array key "HTTPS" in /hid/gamehead.php on line 14

I find it in other WIP’s on as well.

What is happening and can it be fixed?

That error should be gone now.

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I checked but the problem is still there.The only thing that changed is in the warning.

It was on line 14 now it’s line 16

The error is still there @dashingdon.

Could you get a screenshot of the error?

Ok let me see to that

Replace http in link with https

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Wow I think I am a @Big_fan1231 of yours right now man.Thanks it is working now.:hugs::hugs:


In this thread, shortly up above Don mentions reaching out for taking over responsibilities. I haven’t seen anyone publicly step up that I’m aware of, so you’d be doing the community a huge service.