Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02

Hi everyone, sorting out some of the last edits. I found that demons have fewer basic relationship options when you first meet them than other classmates.

You can already choose to be flirtatious, friendly, uneasy, or hate Chantal/Caleb when you first meet them in gym. Which of these describes the attitude towards them you’d most like to see added? (Note: your impressions can change throughout the game.)

  • Ally (you want to strategically work together)
  • Annoying (they irritate you)
  • Neutral (you don’t think much about them)
  • Something else

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Uneasy and hate already work quite well for my wendigo and wolf respectively…

Having a perpetually disinterested, apathetic and on numerous instances insulting and abrasive vampire, a demon that feeds on sexuality would likely be a source of derision for her; also given that she’s asexual, she finds winding her up a faint source of amusement. She’d likely find her entire modus operandi quite pathetic. Which I doubt the demon would take too kindly to, but my vampire has a bit of a superiority complex.

For obvious reasons.

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[quote=“Okami-Nora, post:2679, topic:7014, full:true”]
Out of curiosity (and hopefully I’m wording this question well enough), do each of the monster races behave in the unique way when it comes to showing affection to their partners or desire different things from their partners?[/quote]
Yes, species affects how relationships manifest. For MCs, you’ll have more options about whether to go along with or fight against your instincts and cultural conditioning. For other characters, it will inform their responses to you and the relationships you form. The most common relationship style of each species, in three words or less:
Werewolves - Cuddly pair bonding.
Goblins - Rational affectionate cooperation.
Succubi/Incubi/'Cubi - Sex with benefits.
Vampires - Theatrical escapism.
Wendigo - Sample size insufficient.

They don’t really care. Even with turning humans into progeny, others don’t interfere unless someone makes poor decisions in regards to basic morality or overpopulation. Vampires live long, accumulate power quickly, and infighting amongst them is dangerously unsustainable. Their policy is to tolerate any number of differences, as long as discretion in hiding from humans and balance of power is maintained.


Where did you get the code or how?

If you go to you will see the first file, which is mostly a list of variables. At the bottom of that page is a list of scenes. Replace “startup” in the above link with the name of any of those scenes (remember to include .txt after the scene name) and you will get the link to that scene. For example,

See also How To See Other Games' Code (current info posted in OP and Post 146 on 6/18/19)


Awwww :heart: I wasn’t really sold on the idea of playing werewolf at first because of the whole sports thing (I can’t stand sports myself) but I decided to give it a shot, outside of the above mentioned sports and the part time job in a garage (eeewww!) I really thought it was cute :slight_smile: Just the potential romance with my character and Katie is going to be worth seeing that one though :heart_eyes:


Replacing Katie with Loren, that basically echoes my own feelings. You aren’t my long-lost gender-flipped twin by any chance, are you?

So Sashira, I was just wondering, given the transgender options during character creation, what sort of options are the monster characters going to have for transition?

'Cubi, I presume, can do it on their own. I’d guess wendigoes are different enough they’d have to avoid doctors? Same with vampires? But if they’re able to get hormones, would that have the normal effect at least? Are there monster doctors they could go to? With goblins, they have enough science skills you’d think at least some amount of transitioning is in their repertoire, but are there cultural obstacles there considering their reproductive focus? Then with werewolves, I guess the main issue is having two forms? Would the transition carry over between forms?


Well my comic loving Goblin wants to try to befriend Caleb, both as a sociological experiment and to have a cute friend to take to comic-cons and such. :wink:

My demon himself wouldn’t object to trying to be “friends” with someone either, except he probably wouldn’t really know how to do that.

Wow neck and neck at the vote between ally and neutral at 91 votes
Edit: and by the time I finished this 1 more vote for neutral came in

Elaboration needed.

Everything vampires do is a bit dramatic. They enter relationships to escape from boredom and ennui, to feel alive and invigorated, or to otherwise wake something in themselves. A typical vampire relationship is like a piece of performance art, meant to make the passing of decades more colorful and artistic. This doesn’t mean feelings won’t enter into it, but most vampires (particularly older ones) are somewhat self-centered in their goals.

In the newest edits, there’s a short explanation for each species (they’ll be uploaded soon, I’m finishing the day first.) In brief: werewolves and wendigos are restricted in terms of medical options, goblins have more than humans (several of which don’t affect reproduction), vampires had to decide on transition options before being turned, and 'cubi have it easy.


They should be registered thespians and a member of the screen actors guild … :wink:

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That makes me wonder something about vampires; if a vampire feeds from somebody until they become fanatically loyal to the vampire and then the vampire turns them into a vampire themselves, does said person remain fanatically loyal as before? Or does turning them into a vampire cancel out said devotion? Asking for those who want to romance their main servant but aren’t too keen on the watching them die part, and also aren’t too keen on them leaving after the fact or not being whom they were before the turning.

Was this attitude influenced by their immortality? Like them dating mortals. How would a vampire act differently dating, say a goblin or werewolf to a wendigo or demon?

…I’m happy Victoria looks her age then :relaxed:

Although now that I think about it, I’m expecting jokes about my wendigo’s age :sob:

Another thing to add to the Wendigo’s depressingly long list of insecurities

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Found a bug:
"Well, yeah. It’s a… different experience to be you in a locker room.

For one thing,

For another, this whole gender-separated locker room thing was meant to prevent people from gazing lustfully at each other."

Gender: male
Species: goblin
Powers: Technologically gifted, genius intellect, resistant to damage
Disadvantages: Short, physically weak compared to other monsters

How do dramatic is “dramatic” in vampire standards?

I can’t play my ultra-bombastic, egocentric, hedonistic vampire MC without being showier than every other vampire in the game.

First time playing as a Goblin and i’m not sure if it was suposed to happen.

Happened upon this aesthetic recently and my very first thought was–


[quote=“Sashira, post:2646, topic:7014”]
Wendigo: Yes, you can eat a bunch of people[/quote]

Pros: Less people.
Cons: Super vegan here.

Pros: The shakes might launch a sexy new dance craze.
Cons: Clinging to the last shred of warmth from an old e-card.

Pros: A non-porous surface.
Cons: Hemophobia.

Pros: There is always someone else to do the dishes.
Cons: Being known as regular and hairy by the other monsters.


Mm. I suppose my demon shall stay…

Replace “vampires” with “I” and “me” and I would swear this was one of my journal entries.

These vamps do seem quite Toreador, and I am more than happy to fill that void when Victoria lacks existence…