Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02

I’m glad to see that at least @DisturbedOne has some sense in him.

Yeah, neither of those comments had any sense in them unless you were a being freakishly disturbing.

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Yeah. Why would any self-respecting demon ignore half of their potential victims – I mean, lovers – based on something as trivial as gender?


@Xukundi @moonwalkerdragon before it begins, keep this civil and friendly. If you dislike something somebody has said, ignore it. If you feel this is inappropriate, report it to a moderator instead of replying.

Just a preemptive warning as I could see that igniting into a flame. Thanks :blush:


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@Nathan_Faxon is either possessed today or trying very hard to get off @Cecilia_Rosewood 's bad list. Just saying :dolphin:


I have my moments of responsibility. It scares the shit out of myself and others.


Riiiight did i tick someone off? Seems i looked away and came back with well up above.

Just extinguishing a fire before it starts is all

Oh great, have I p***** off another administrator? Man, am I really that good at annoying everyone?

Not pissed anybody off. I’m just preventing something from happening is all :blush:

Nah, he’s just an unimportant nobody. Go right ahead with annoying him, though I would advice you to do that over PM and not on the public part of the forum. Such messages are off-topic and count as clutter. (see rules)

Now could we all go back to discussing Monsters of New Haven High?

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All I did was post a dumb joke about sleeping with everyone in the game and now people are calling me “freakishly disturbing” and an “unimportant nobody”

You could’ve just simply ignored my joke and left it at that.

Nevermind,let’s just go back to discussing the game


She (jokingly) meant @Nathan_Faxon.

@Sashira, what if we tried to strike a bargain with the twins: they leave us alone, and we help them kill the other monsters in the school? Perhaps we´d need a high humanity stat (which is…ironic? We have so much humanity that we´re willing to kill all of our monster friends to save ourselves), or perhaps we feel monsters are too dangerous to live, or we´re power-hungry/slightly ax-crazy, or we´re trying to protect our family, or we´re only making the deal to buy ourselves some time, planning to double cross the twins?


Hey now, I actually found a bug that got my Wendigo’s humanity to 105% so it’s totally unironic. The only flaw to that plan, in my opinion, is that the twins could easily see you as a liability that needs to be dealt with once you’re done helping them. You already showed (and likely proved) that you were willing to kill. That’s probably big red flag to them. :scream:

Edit: Am I hallucinating, or did the forum’s post navigator widget change…? It used to be a nice blue box and now it’s this weird timeline?

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@Lithophene I was wondering what that weird little thing floating on the side of the screen all of a sudden was.

Yup. I meant @Nathan_Faxon. We’ve got some sort of… rivalry? going on. Might be a bit too strong a word for that, but he does like to annoy me from time to time, and vice versa.

Meh. I’d rather just try to convince them that not all monsters are bad, possibly by saving their hides a few times. Or you know, the world. Whatever is going to happen at the time of that dance/game is probably going to be of the dangerous world-threatening kind. That’s the feeling I get anyway.


I feel like this is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer thing. “Not another apocalypse!”

The more I think about it, the more unfair the disadvantage of the wendigo become,we HAVE to eat human meat, but we CAN’T eat normal human food, not even the cookies :cry: ,that’s a constant reminder for a high humanity MC

Not to mention having to eat your mother while you were still a human, yes, I know their mother willingly gave it to them, but can you imagine eating your own mother while she smile at you? I just hope that the wendigos are the most redeemable species in this story (or the most powerful monster if you went high monstrosity path). Oh, and will there be an encounter with another wendigo for a wendigo MC? For the other species it’s kind of obvious, the vampire have the relative or contact of their foster mother, the werewolf have a freaking pack, the demon…well…I suppose there are more of them in their original world,right? The goblin have an underground society. But the wendigo? I’m not an expert on wendigo mythology,but I’m fairly certain that they can’t convert other people to their species like vampire and werewolf can,and I’m fairly sure that they don’t have any kind of society or organization,because they can and will sleep for centuries should the necessities arrive,kinda hard having any friend when you can sleep for decades (or worse, centuries) if you feel too tired while they are prowling around the neighborhood in the duration of your sleep,and there’s also no guarantee that they will still be around when you wake up :sweat_smile: ,it will be nice to have someone that can relate to you,not like those filthy casual monsters can understand your grieve and suffering :rage: