Money problems and such

Ok the problem lies in the numbers for the money stat in the game.

Flying nimbus costs 3
The ingame cost is mentioned at just over 300,000
So when the money stat gets to a certain point is says zillionaire. It would actually be around having a millionaire.

(Basically the math is inconsistant and sorry for being nitpicky)

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Mods have to do it, but they generally just close it if you want them to. Just tag one of them.

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… And why would this happen?

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Oh Come on, I tried to point it to him that he should delete it before mod give him infraction, and i get infraction myself.

It was more your tone than anything, and anyway he doesn’t have to delete anything since it is in the correct category.

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This thread seems to be going in every direction but the right one.
(All I wanted was a plausible theory behind this numbers discrepancy)