Mommy, We Created a Plot Hole! [Rewrite in Progress]



This is so cuteee!! XD As for the romantic actions of the kids, I agree with this!:


@Natman1025 I’ll add a few quests in the normal world for sure, I don’t know how many yet though, until I finish my outline (I’ll do this when I finish Chapter 1) since the story is already too long. The original story didn’t have the back and forth between the normal world (they only return at the end), so I don’t have anything planned yet.

@PurpleDream Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I plan to address those issues in the next update. Adding subtitles/translations and to include a screen reader option to skip parts of repeating text. :slightly_smiling_face: And thanks for the bug report! I’ll look into it later.

@LauraSikdar Well, I’m glad you find it cute. :blush: I think I’ll move the pretend wedding to the third book though, since it is too early in the story right now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just a little peck maybe? Like when you play spin the bottle ?:face_with_monocle:

Also Mc will probably be 10 now?

Secondly(thirdly?) I too had problems choosing name -Microsoft edge-. Worked with Chrome though. :confused:



Well each of the ROs has a different preference, so they might love it or hate it if you peck them :smile:

And yup, I’ll make the MCs 10 in the next update. Seems like the majority doesn’t like being a baby :baby:

I can’t do anything about that issue, unfortunately. Unless I separate the choices. :unamused:


We get the nickname Huginator? :smiley:


Well, what about Cuddle Bug? Cuddlemuffin? The Huggler? The Glomper? Snugglebear? The Constrictor? :joy:

Actually, a few of Wayne’s nicknames for Roselyna in the story are: Ambulance, Tarsier, Pillow, Leech, Magnet, Flooflet, and Piglet. So, yeah, maybe he can call you one of those. Hehe.

Although now I’m thinking each hug you give prior to your first meeting in the story will improve your relationship with Roselyna by a little. Later on, having the emotional trait or having a high emotion in general will make you automatically hug people… Well, whenever appropriate, I guess. :blush:


Oh, bring it, fam, bring it. I can take it! :sunglasses:

Just don’t tickle, I’m ticklish. :grin:


Stop giving me more ideas for variables! NOW I have to add a ticklish variable somewhere. :roll_eyes:



Ahem… You’re welcome! (in a sing-song voice like Maui)

Heh heh. :grin:


Hehe. Looks like you’ve caught the random musical bug too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, nothing random about it. That song is stuck in my head since I heard it. :blush:

I like most songs in Moana, with one exception. But, if I say which one, someone might get a bit, ehm, crabby… :no_mouth: :crab:

Sort of the only thing I remember from Open Season are Roger’s lines. “Stanley, it’s been ages!” :laughing: Those two should have gotten their own spin-off. :slight_smile:

Uh, but I digress. Tickling, er, NO tickling it is!


If you don’t like that particular song…you should check out Jonathan Young’s cover of it. It’s way better.


Everything (almost) is better Metal… Just check out Eric - ERock331. :grin: As is this with Young, but, no, thanks, still not for me. :blush:

Aaaany way, on topic - hugs and no tickles. Yes? Yes. It’s a deal. :sweat_smile:


Well, here you go! Updated again to include translations :memo: , more cuddles :hugs: , and hopefully less bugs! :bug:

I’ve changed the title to reflect the age change. :tada:

つ ◕_◕ ༽つ SUMMON PATCH NOTES ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Ver. 1.11 (May 12, 2018)

  • The Main and Player Characters are now 10 years old!
  • Added Subtitles and Screen Reader Settings
  • Revamped stat and relationship notification subroutines
  • Fixed various bugs (including one where hugs didn’t increase your hug counter, and age traits didn’t display)
  • Lily has dads now instead of moms. Blame my notes. Although I’m still not very sure about it.
  • Edited and added a bunch more text
  • Roselyna is slightly chubbier.

As usual, saves will probably be broken again (Expect this every update).

I’ve added the translation options in, but there might be some I missed. Now that they’re added, I might add a few more words since it’s kinda sparse right now, but I’ll probably do those in a later edit.

There might also be some weird inconsistencies and notifications (especially with numbers on), so I’d really appreciate it if you report them to me!

There’s about ~80k words right now, including comments and skeleton code. And I’m not even done yet with the first chapter!

And with that, it will be a long while before the next big update. Sorry! :kissing_closed_eyes:

Well, what about raspberries? :kissing_smiling_eyes: :wind_face: :strawberry:


What about them? Are they ticklish? :thinking: :wink:

(Tickles are fine, just not too much, that’d be embarrassing…)


You know, when you make fart noises? And blow them on someone’s tummy/whatever ticklish part? :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Oh, -that- kind. Not the tongue between the lips and making noise like ‘pfffft’. :thinking:

Uh, that is tickling in a different manner. :grimacing:

By the way - multiple choices when picking names still does not work in my Firefox; but it does work when you pick whether to display subtitles or not… Very odd. :confused:


Snuggles + raspberries = perfect :triumph: :+1:



it doesnt in edge either. Chrome Works though.


Does the first, with subtitles and such work? It does for me, so something must differ there… :thinking:


Maybe there are too many options? I’ll give you a test link later if you want to try, but I need to sleep now. :zzz: