Mommy, We Created a Plot Hole! [Rewrite in Progress]



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As for too many options, I don’t think so, but, eh, I am not good with code, so, yes, worth a try, to be sure. :relaxed:


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@Morphine Ohhh I totally switched those up. I told you I was sleepy! Well, I think I fixed it now.

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Minor update. The repeating text should no longer appear in the story introductions if you picked the screen reader option. I forgot to include that part.

I’ve also fixed a stray instance of second person text in the fairy tale branch.



Oh! Thanks for the bug report! That happens if you haven’t opened the stats screen yet. I should probably add a default value that isn’t 0. I’ll fix it in a bit!

Edit: I think I fixed it. :wrench: I had to add a new variable though.

Thanks to @Taylor_Enean I seem to have fixed the multiple choice name selection bug. You should be able to select the names properly now. :tada:


This immedeatly came to mind

Starting a new play run now!


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Omggg she would love that! (Maybe I should add seals to her list of favorite animals. :thinking:) Hehehe.

If you haven’t noticed I add a variation of that at the end of every update. :smile:

Alright, apparently I’m a very indecisive person, so I just changed the title again after getting some feedback. I think Fifth Grader sounds much better than Ten-Year-Old.

Also, I was thinking of changing “The Inter-literary Adventures” to “The Anachronicles” (Anachronic Chronicles). I like the word, but it sounds confusing and awkward, and it doesn’t give the same feeling. I’ll definitely use the word somewhere though.

Edit: Okay, so since I’m going to work on my story outline after I’m done with Chapter 1, are there any tropes or characters you’d like to see?

More specifically, I’m looking for any :school: school-related tropes or scenes. What are your favorites? Maybe I can include them in the story. :blush:


here are the list of school tropes just in case people need some references.

As for favored tropes: school plays are a must.
storyline? having the courage to play the lead if you are a reserved kid would be fun.


I’ve already looked there actually, but didn’t find what I was looking for.

I don’t think I can do school plays unless I establish that they’re already preparing for it because the story only has four school days. But maybe I can include something like that for one of the school clubs. :slightly_smiling_face:

I currently have a career/club day (1st day), an exam day (3rd day), and a school field trip, probably involving a food fight (4th day). I don’t know if I want to include something like a picture day since it seems out of place.

But those are school events, I’m mostly looking for individual scenes like a bully confrontation or something that happens at recess. Little things that you remember seeing at school, or any school memories you might want to share.


I have some stories if you’d like! :open_mouth: Though they’ll be (Southwest) US based. Any memory of my brief time with Korean education might be too young for the characters.


Sure! I’d love to hear them even if it doesn’t fit with the story. Everyone has their own experiences. :blush:

And thanks for the interest! :smile:


Intramural sports event?

ah, just read this part :yum:

bully is stalking/harassing MC or one of MC’s friends (i think roselyna is the most bulliable) during recess? :slightly_smiling_face:


Hmm, nah, there’ll probably be camping scenes :camping: in the adventure, not the normal world.

Like I said before, the school scenes aren’t part of the original story so there’s not really much story time for school fairs :ferris_wheel: and stuff like that, as fun as they are.

Yup. Totally. :joy: (I like teasing her too.)

Actually, whoever you pick as your best friend will be the one Beatrice/Brandon targets first. :stuck_out_tongue:


can MC punch them?



Thank you for making such an interesting story! :kissing_heart:

This isn’t all of it, but I don’t think I should list all of them at once… :sweat_smile:

  • Korean: Anticipating what the school lunch is and having different feelings depending on what it was (the curry was too spicy for me, so I was always vaguely disappointed when it was that)
  • Korean: Having a huge sketchpad and colouring it and learning how to draw raindrops more efficently (lines rather than drops)
  • US: Making “combo-comics” with a friend during any free time (even in class); drawing one page and letting the other do another page in the direction they think works with the previous page
  • US: Walking around during recess, looking at the sky and enjoying fresh air before going back to prison school
  • US: Sitting under shade/staying inside drawing with the teacher monitoring the kids outside/grading
  • US: Climbing up the slide or, in my case, telling my cousin not to climb up the slide
  • US: Throwing tree branches back into the trees, thinking they’d grow back onto the tree
    *US: Rolling down the slope that led into the soccer/football field
  • US: Singing “Circle of Life” at the top of my lungs while spinning in place/rolling down the slopes
  • Korean/US: Wandering around the shool alone, thinking of stories
  • US: Sitting in the library after eating, reading
    *US: Story time with teachers and doing story comprehension assignments after each chapter
  • US: Picking up litter (I didn’t have too many friends to consistently play with and you got mentioned in the announcements if you did good things like cleaning up litter)


Does the school have uniforms?
I can tell you living in an island where it’s summer pretty much all year and wearing undergarments, polo, short pants and a jumper makes me wonder how I survived the heat. I envy the countries like Japan where their uniform changes for the summer :cry:


Ah! My bad. Is interaction in the school bus? i have several memories of interacting with other students from other grades, classes and even other schools…though mostly on the way home.


Maybe you could include the time I stole ONE piece of candy from my teacher and she made me sit and watch the other kids play on bouncy houses for TWO HOURS.

What? No, no. I’m not still upset about that, why do you ask?