Mommy, We Created a Plot Hole! [Rewrite in Progress]



Well. What a week. :disappointed:

So, I’m finally starting my main outline. Can you believe that I’m only doing this just now? It looks like I’ll have 15 Chapters, plus the prologue and at least three major epilogues (plus individual endings to the prologue story :grimacing:). Considering my current word count, I won’t be surprised at all if I go over a million words.

And it’s just the first part!


@Hearts Nope, at least not on the first story encounter. They’ll be with two of their friends/minions, so it’s a bad idea. You can say that you’ll definitely hurt them the next time though.

@Jeju Thanks for sharing them! You’ve already given me some ideas, and I particularly love the comics one! :smile:

@Morphine Yup! Although if you choose to live in the province, you can choose if you want to wear a uniform or not, while if you’re poor you won’t have a uniform. The other two backgrounds (private school) have mandatory uniforms.

But yeah, I know what it’s like especially if the classrooms don’t have air-conditioning.

@Abe Oh! I haven’t even thought of a school bus! (Mostly because I lived near my elementary school :stuck_out_tongue:) Now that I think about it, school bus scenes will only be exclusive to the city/apartment background, since you’ll be neighbors with Wayne and Roselyna.

@Isabella_Taylor Suuure. Maybe I’ll add a “kleptomaniac” achievement. :smile:

I’m also going to add a sidequest for each of the teachers. So far there’s a teacher couple, a little surprise party, and offering to tutor another classmate in math.

More ideas are welcome!


Sounds like it has been rough, so I hope the rest will be jolly marvellous to make up for it. :blush:


Ehh. I’ve got a long weekend but it’s going to be a busy weekend.

Anyway, does anyone have a question about the characters so far? I know you haven’t really interacted with any of them much, buuut it might cheer me up. I’d love to talk more about my babies. :kissing:


Tell me more about the twin, every single hug


will we get to know patrick? 's significant other ?


No problem at all, just need to find out where they live :upside_down_face:


Next week then. Don’t think you can piggle wriggle your way out of a good time! :grimacing:


@Noah Well even if I finish the outline I don’t know how many hugs there’ll be in total if that’s what you’re asking. But there’ll be lots. :stuck_out_tongue:

But if you want to know, most of the MC/Twin’s interactions are based on W&R’s in the story. The twin will never openly admit that they love you, for example. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Hearts You mean Ravie? Or maybe… you’re onto something? :wink: I don’t know yet if you’ll get to meet her. But I’ll say that she was there in the first draft of the story. And it’s not like they’re currently together or anything, hehe.

And that won’t be necessary, they’ll be stuck with you in the adventure, so you can do whatever then. :smiling_imp:

@Taylor_Enean Nooo. A little more than a month before I’m free again. :persevere: I’ll stick with writing outlines and ideas for now. :pig:


What about the twins crush?


So if you have a brother, there’ll be a choice between Michael and Roselyna, and if you have a sister, you can choose between Wayne or Lily.

I thought about it being based on who you pick as your bestfriend but this is better as that would be an uninformed choice.

(Oh, and you can still ask them later even if you didn’t choose the crush as your diary condition, but they won’t be as open.)


As if you already knew that my condition was a hug


Maybe I should make hugs less OP. :smile:

Speaking of hugs, one unfortunate side effect of increasing the age to 10 (almost 11) is that Paddy/your aunt/uncle picking you up seems… more awkward. I’ll have to change it so you only get picked up depending on your height/weight after the character customization in Chapter 2.


Even if they were it changes nothing for me, I am still naive enough to enjoy hugs

It is fine


Nooo, MORE OP! :crazy_face:


Being the weird artsy-fartsy quasi-loner leads to smaller scenarios than grand adventures, it seems. Hopefully the characters have a more exciting life. :grinning:

Also, depending on story location and if you want, there could also be some play dates at an ice rink or a soccer football field. One can imagine what could happen there… like falling on ice or being slammed in the face with a ball.


@Noah @Taylor_Enean You’d probably love Roselyna’s crush/friendship sidequests then. :blush: Do you want me to give a few details about them? :stuck_out_tongue:

@Jeju They’ll definitely have an exciting life ahead. :wink: There’s a reason why the story is happening to them in particular.

And nahhh, no ice rinks or football fields nearby. Sorry. :kissing: (Plus I’m just not a sports guy in general, hehe)


Do you love hugs?
Of course


Just no spoilers, please. I find the downforce too great. :grimacing:


@Noah @Taylor_Enean I had to look up my notes again. :sweat_smile: I found several things I can share that I don’t consider spoilery.

Each of the MC’s friends has a primary personality stat, and of course, that would be Emotion for Roselyna. Having the Emotionally Sensitive trait and/or a high Emotion stat will be useful in maximizing your relationship with her (in addition to its normal relationship boosts/penalties).

If your Emotion is high enough, Roselyna will have a crush on the MC. She’ll talk about it the next day after the first adventure, unless the MC is a girl or her bestfriend, in which case you’ll have to pursue her instead (she’ll feel weird about it).

You can still do it with a reserved MC, it will just be a little harder and play out very differently. :grinning: Otherwise, you can do her friendship quest or matchmaking quest with Wayne or Michael instead.

She’s actually the easiest to gain relationship with, so as wrong as it sounds you can abuse this quite a bit and commit Cold/Opportunistic acts because she’s a people-pleaser and will easily forgive you. Just don’t do it too many times. :wink:

Roselyna loves dancing. Especially waltz. :blush: She’s not really good at singing, but she tries. Anything that involves food (especially sweets) will also increase your relationship so bribing her with food sharing food with her usually works. :stuck_out_tongue:

Roselyna’s personality will be further explored in Wander-Land (the fairy tale setting), and potential problems with your relationship with her include:

  • her sensitivity
    • You can choose to be cuddle-huggle buddies or you can help her control her emotions better instead. :cloud_with_rain:
  • her self-confidence
    • Roselyna is a shy extrovert–she just needs a little nudge to be braver and more comfortable with expressing herself.
    • You can encourage her to lose (a lil bit of) weight or reassure her that she’s more cute and beautiful that way. :dress:
  • being manipulative
    • You can either help her realize that she can be a spoiled brat at times, or you can encourage her to take advantage of her cuteness. :smiling_imp:

Her character page will show what she is leaning towards, and this will have a major impact on the story later.

Ok, that was unexpectedly long. Hehe. But I’m outlining anyway, so I don’t mind.


She is cute, you have created a great character. I am looking forward to it


Well she is my favorite character, so… :blush: (Wayne is a very close second though)