MMA Project

Sup, it’s ya boy, Vito. Back at it again with another Beta I’ll probably never finish but enjoy making none the less.
First off, sorry about inactivity for any of my other projects, I’ve recently upgraded computers and I don’t have any text files of them on this computer. That being said, I don’t really have anymore interest in any of them so you can consider them dead for eternity unless by some miracle I pick them up again.

This is a project I worked on a few weeks ago while I was high and got a few thousand lines of code done. Tonight at around 12AM I was bored and trying to learn some python, which I know is stupid because I’ll never have any use for it, and remembered the one type of code I’m good at. So I came back to the project and added around 10k lines of code. I experimented with some random chance encounters when you take certain paths that will hopefully give the beta just a little bit of replayability.

Currently, the demo is at 20,895 lines of code, so it’s nothing huge yet and you shouldn’t go in expecting a full experience or even a first chapter.

I am not making promises on how few or far between updates will be. I made mistakes like that last time and couldn’t keep up with them which demoralized me. I will update the game when I have worked on it enough to a point that I’m proud of an update, which won’t always be at a specified time interval.

The Game is currently locked to be Male only. I’d like to make a Female option, but I feel as if it’d require it’s own storyline all together due to the differences between the interactions a Female and Male MMA Fighter would have. I’m still considering it, but I think I’ll probably just include a nonbinary option. Let me know what you guys think.

The game contains violence, mild gore -Bleeding, Semi-Graphic detailing of injuries and the such-, rude language, and other things that are commonly associated with the World of MMA.

Cooooooool… So yeah, I don’t really know how good it’ll be because I wasn’t certain if I was writing the character the player plays as well enough. But that’s what the beta process is for.

The Game
Starting off, you’ll be given some minor customization choices. After you’ve selected your personal preferences you’ll be introduced to your life, choose your name, and go through elementary school, middle school, and high school. All while facing your bully, Jackson, and trying to get into Mixed Martial Arts.
Honestly, it’s a really shitty game summary, but hey, it’s something.

Here ya go. Enjoy.


Huh. Pretty curious to see how this will pan out, but the project is definitely interesting! I’d love to have the option to play a female MC, but I have to concede it might be a bit harder than switching a few names and pronouns and be done with it.

Anyway, good luck on this story, and hopefully see you soon.


Ok I am intrigued to see how the story goes


its a fun game! I’d love to play a female version :slight_smile:
good luck on the game!

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Game says “bad label” when I choose to read about Muay Thai

I’m actually quite confused on that part, there is no error in my code as far as I can tell. Could you provide a screenshot if possible?

@Don_Martono i found a bug

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Fixed, you miss one letter in a label and you mess everything up lmao

@Don_Martono another bug
edit: another bug
edit 3 another bug

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That one was rather confusing, but it turns out you just need to turn flow control on. All else statements are, or should be, fixed

Interesting so far. I love anything martial arts related and always wanted to play something in that regard. I’m quite interested on what happens next and how you are going with the mix martial art system and what the combat would be like.


I’m currently envisioning the MA systems to be a mix of dice rolls, player choices, and stat checks. There will probably be more variables added or decreased in the future, but for right now those are what I have planned.


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