Mixed of Star Wars and Stellaris?


My name is Jacob. I’m thinking of making a game. My English is good, but I am bad in any grammars and codes.Yes, I tested in the program because I don’t understand any codes in the COG. No, I won’t do any copies of Star Wars and Stellaris. I never have played Stellaris, so I have seen the game on Youtube.

You just focus on The Evil or Good Monarch from the galaxy. After Your Father’s or Mother’s death, as the Crown Prince or Princess, You will replace Your Father or Mother. Your soldiers can fight with the light sabers or the other keen weapons The Good Kingdom of the ----- world wants to contact the friendly or cold aliens while the Evil Empire of the ----- world just wants to kill everyone and enslave. But what do You want to do?

What do you think about my idea?

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I think you should do a little research into what is or isn’t copyrighted. I can imagine you might be able to freely use the name ‘light sabers’ in a game, for example, because it might be the property of whoever holds the rights to the Star Wars franchise now.

For the rest… Well, it’s a bit cliché, but it might make for a good story depending on the execution.

Yes,I read so much, but I just give one example. I still don’t decide over the name “light saber”. There are three different typical “light sabers” in the fictional worlds. Star Wars has a “future” light saber, Thundarr the Barbarian has a “magic” light saber, (it calls “Sunsword”.) and the third light saber is in my head, but I don’t remember where I have seen. If I am right, recall me!

i think light sabers are copyrighted, lucasfilms owns the copyright to light sabers. back in 2010 they sent a lot of cease-and-desist letters to other companies who were marketing things simmilar to light sabers

Pretty standard sci-fi concept. But it’s fine: standard doesn’t mean primitive. It’s more like ‘classic’.
Can you add some details about your game mechanics?

// If it’s just a game for fun, don’t think about copyrights - just do it.

I don’t have a good idea about the story. Sorry, I don’t understand the word game mechanics and I am new to the game making.

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Its okay.

Will it look like typical ChoiceScript game? Some text - then some choices for a player - and then again some text?

Yes, it will look like the ChoiceScript game. MC will have an unlocked galactic background and be straight, but it doesn’t mean that MC will be straight. I am into only FF relationship, not into MM. I am not homophobic, so I know how it works in the homosexual relationship. MC will be a the first galactic Heir of the Monarch.

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That’s a little bit of a double standard isn’t it? Would need to explain why that is the case in your world, otherwise might get discrimination complaints…

If you don’t understand what FF and MM mean. FF=Female on Female and MM=Male on Male.

I don’t understand what you mean.

I think Jacic didn’t have any problems understanding the definitions of those terms. Just that they interpreted your comment as that you would be willing to write FF relationships, but not MM relationships, which would be a double standard.

If this is indeed the case expect complains about it, regardless of whether or not you might have a sound in-universe explanation for it.

What Cecilia_Rosewood said. (She just explains stuff better than I do :slight_smile: )

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Sorry, Jacic. My English is not so good, so I have hard to understand the English sentences.The FF is easy to write because I have not any fantasies about MM. Yes, I am willing to try to write MM.

I know that you will try to help me. When I downloaded the COG programme, I opened the box. I got shocked over the boxes. But I still don’t know which box I begin to look for, and there are mass codes.

After 3 months, nobody still helps me.

Have you read through the resources for beginners?

Edit: nvm, I see you’ve got a new game-specific thread. Will close this one.

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