Just a quick question


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Anyone here called “Arch Renegade?”

I only ask because I found this:

Guess they really liked the story.

Looks like a personal project that a game master decided to whip up and posted it online for easy reference. They got the geography completely wrong though and I’m guessing the Eternals they created for their little game are supposed to be different since they’re nothing like the ones in the story. But considering the Eternals are different and are being personalized by the players (which are listed at the bottom of their pages) the geography might be intentionally different too.

I actually asked around CYS and IS if anyone knew anything about it, but I can’t find the “Arch Renegade” nickname on those sites either. (Which is the only thing I can go on, since there is no contact info on the site itself)

Wasn’t really mad about it, just thought it was pretty interesting. And they did put original idea by End Master.


You might have some luck checking out http://getcommitted.freeforums.net/ and asking there.


Man, finding someone by their nickname on the internet? It’s like trying to find a specific needle in a pile of needles. Will it be possible to contact weebly to ask them for a way to contact whoever made this website?


See that link I pointed to. That’s a roleplay site. I’m not sure if Arch Renegade is there but the other players are.


Google-fu only gave one hit… http://eclub.gameme.com/playerinfo/38846

It’s probably not him/her/it though.


Like I said, it wasn’t a big pressing concern, I wasn’t on a big game hunt or anything. Just figured I’d ask here out of curiosity since this is like one of the only few sites I post on a semi-regular basis.

I’ll probably check out the link Fairy pointed to later. (When I have time, sort of a busy day today!)


Haha, you have fans @EndMaster


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You both have fans… ME!


I hve heard of Arch Renegade before… But where


It’s a mystery!

And @2Ton, thank ya kindly, sad to say I scrapped my old stuff because I wanted something more original, but now I’m working on something new and we’ll see how it goes.