Mission of soyuz L3 (wip)

It is a game that aims to realize the landing on the moon earlier than the United States as a development designer comparable to Korolev in the Soviet Union in the space race.

As the head of the 6th Design Bureau (fictitious Design Bureau), the player plays the game as described below.

•where do you come from? Are you from Russian, ethnic minority, or German brought in?
• What are your technical strengths? Guidance, solid fuel, liquid fuel, engine clustering?
• Relationships with the Politburo, the military and other design bureaus are also essential to the success of the plan. But they will also bring in political plans that will delay the main lunar landing program.
• The lunar landing method is also important. Is it a historically successful LOR, an EOR with a small rocket, or a lunar rendezvous or direct descent?
• You also need to manage huge projects. We need to develop a lot of technologies from rockets and computers to space food, and cooperation with team members is also important.

Change log

・The first chapter has been added. This includes self-introduction of team members and two technology decisions. Also, due to the relationship with real life, updates will be irregular.
I welcome your feedback, including pointing out grammar and spelling errors.
・Added Chapter 2 on projects brought in from the Politburo.
・Added Chapter 3 to discuss technical and political issues of the project from the Politburo with members of the Design Bureau.

Link to demo


Loves this and keep up the good work!


Thank you for your support. What kind of story would you like to see?

I don’t understand what you mean?

In other words, I would like to hear what kind of story development you want to see in this game for reference.
I’m not a native English speaker, so I’m sorry if it’s hard to understand.

I geuss it would be cool if the astronaut and us could have a best friend relationship.

thank you. I will consider options to make friends with Cosmonaut and mission controllers.

Interesting concept; however, if not careful it will be dead in the water; nonetheless, I’m interested to see where this goes.

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Thank you

What do you mean by dead in the water?

Interesting concept, although I was confused at first since I assumed the “L3” referred to Lagrange point 3, although to my knowledge that particular point has no real practical applications.

Is this going to be gender-locked? Because I have no idea what gender and pronouns I can choose, and avoid gender-locked games like the plague.


The name of this game is derived from the actual Soviet lunar landing plan “Soyuz L3 Plan”.

This game is not gender locked and there is no mention of mc’s gender or sexual orientation.

Because this game is a space exploration game and there is no RO, there is no positive reason to mention those elements.
I also think this is a good way to maintain political correctness while referring to the Soviet culture of the time as accurately as possible.
Therefore, when other characters refer to mc, they are simply called by name, or by non-gender pronouns such as “comrade,” “citizen,” and “chief designer.”


Interesting concept…I always like a game about historical past and alternative history…keep up the good work and I’m very interested to see more of the story :blush:


thank you. I want to do my best.

I’d move the ethnicity choice to the beginning and then suggest names to choose based on it.

I have seen similar stories, but with poor execution, and either they have failed miserably by the author just gave up or the reader was no longer interested.

I enjoy how you can choose your ethnicity in the beginning, it’s very rare to see a feature like or similar to that

You don’t have to be pessimistic. The best thing we can do is encourage and say POSITIVE things.

Thank you for the idea. But I don’t plan to introduce selective name input because I want to give players freedom and keep the code simple.

I will Consider bringing ethnic choices first.

Sorry I was going through something personal however I am still very interested