Missing Wings (Public Beta Test - CLOSED)

Hey Carlos, Chopper mentioned on my thread that my name was used in your story. Out of curiosity, do you think I could see a screenshot of that? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yeah, I remember us discussing that. It fits well with my name and those are some well written passages!


Now you tell us this, I can see where you’re going with this game.

My opinion still stands as before, but now I can see that there’s a way to cheese the credit, I’ll try to beat the game and give my feedback when it’s done.

Gonna take some time, though.

While there’re no comments below mine, yet, I think I’ll put my feedback – so far – at here, to keep things concise.


Passed. IMO, it’s mandatory to have at least 50% wind mastery to pass, at least in your first playthrough. The mastery grants you mapping abilities: knowing the map and knowing your location. The sylph locating system (the one that reveals your position, 25% wind) isn’t really required, but might as well get it since the other ability – full map – requires you to be at 50% wind.

Feedback: It’d be nice if the entry point and the exit point is indicated on the map too, although it’s kinda obvious that you start at the top left and ends at the bottom right


Passed. Having high water mastery will boost your resource acquirement per turn (+1 related stone per mastery per turn). The trick is to rush your military. Scouting and mobilizing army don’t take any turn. Some other military options require massive stones, though.


  • It’d be nice if there’s a warning if we’ll run out food on the next turn, to notify us so we can catch fish this turn. A “restart realm” option would be a great addition, too.
  • There’s no point in acquiring amethyst. There’re only 2 amethyst-based encounters, requiring you to simply spend just a turn to get amethyst, and after that, IIRC, getting extra researchers is pointless. My suggestion is to add more amethyst-based events/alternatives to the current encounters.
  • Upon completion (spoiler warning), I can see that I unlocked additional currency. It’d be great if these stones have different name from the resource one. Putting a suffix on them should be fine (e.g. polished-amethyst, chunk-amethyst)

FYI, I go in with 99% water mastery, spending all of my gold rewards from wind realm to max the water, and got 8 sea turtles.


First Playthrough Feedback: I don’t understand the rule. Simply reach 200 dwarves? I simply spammed the lineage with James and Mary, which both are the top on the list.

Welp, rip incest. Sorry, James and Mary, gonna kill your whole generations.

Other than that, this realm is terrible; really really terrible, for mobile users. Besides, is it earth as perseverance and endurance, or is it wasting time?


  • It should be stated that a dwarf cannot have more than an identifier letter on them. Or in other words, the identifier of a dwarf must be unique throughout the whole mountain population.
  • The rule, “a floor cannot be populated by the descendants of the dwarves from 2 floors or more below,” should be mentioned, too.
  • Regarding my “wasting time” argument, my suggestion is to greatly decrease the number of the dwarven pairs and the floor. My numbers will be 5 pairs of dwarves and 4 floors, effectively require you to have 20 unique pairs of dwarves (aside from floor 0), not 90.
  • [Bug: unplayable] Resetting the realm will make the female dwarves of floor 0 to have an exact same identifier as the males, effectively making it impossible to get past the 5th floor (or populating 6th floor). Reproduce: choose the “reset the mountain” option.


Passed. Nothing to comment on; just a simple flip-switch puzzle. Maybe there’s no point in improving our lightning mastery?


A hundred of each to play a game of relevant tier? Without gambling, to play a game of “creature in the dark” simply adds up to 1012 coins. Stealing in the Time realm gives you 50 coins per encounter. Is this for real?

Feedback: Too long. At least make it so you can’t lose the final item per relevant tier so you can gamble it out without being afraid of losing your millions worth of coins. Unless you plan to make the player spent 200 hours in your game, the 100 : 1 ratio of the pandemonium items is pointless.


So just tried out the demo and have some opinions/constructive criticisms…
-I’m a sucker for a more detailed introduction. Who is my character? What is my motivation to do a mission? Why do I care about completing said mission? What do I look like? Those kinds of things. Your intro certainly got the plot moving but I missed the buildup of excitement for missions to come.
-It’d be nice to get more details of what I’m supposed to be seeing, breathing, smelling…I guess I just like the minutiae. (Are we supposed to be picturing Yoda as the Nexus Guardian?)
-I didn’t get too far into the demo seeing as I got the bad end after getting on the wrong side of Death, which I didn’t get. My mastery percentage was at 29 and it says before starting the mini-game that you should have a mastery of 25. Unless it’s not the percentage? Then what is it?
I appreciate you putting your work out here for us to play and critique. I hope that you keep with this story because it does seem like it could be a very cool game. Thanks for writing and I look forward to seeing what you add on to the game!

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Alright :raised_hand:t4:, not gonna click on that big freaking spoiler, now. But I assume that Fire mastery improves the RNG, or something. And winning the games certain times grant you fire mastery.

Other than that, it’s pretty obvious that 100% completionist path requires you full mastery on all elements…

And while I’m at it, will you put up CJW’s save system anytime soon?

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At least for this public-testing version, gurrrgh :japanese_goblin:


Actually I want to follow up on the Void Realm. I was able to find out about the coordinates after looking at your games code to understand what I should input. I tried looking looking at the various options beforehand to find more info on how to properly get the coordinates, but that doesn’t seem available.

If it’s there, can you explain where I can look so that other people and myself don’t have to look at the game’s code to that. If it’s not available, I STRONGLY suggest you add in some sort option that can help you identify the coordinates. Looking into the games code would prove to be a bit more difficult if it becomes a hosted game.

ALSO I ran into an issue where after I decoded the message and went to the location, it kept looping me to that original encoded message, with nothing new popping up. Did I miss something? Or is it an actual error?

Edit: I have found what could possibly be a cause of that problem. There was a repeat from the second to last line to the last line.

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Glad to help!
I did figure out how the system worked previously…


My primary concern was the process in turning the probe I got from an area into a numerical value. The way I went about it was through looking at the game’s code to figure out what those numerical values were.

I’m glad that you’ll be addressing it! Also in regards to the playthrough…


I had no problems finishing the route to Judith and retrieving her cache of parts. It was when I was searching for Victor that I encountered a problem. On my first playthrough, I made sure to enter the proper coordinates, and I kept getting stuck with the first coordinates that I decoded and entered. The second one I didn’t have that problem, though this time it was problem because of a repeat of of certain lines I decoded (It’s on the bottom of the image in my previous post). Oh and to clarify, I didn’t save before or after these actions occurred or go back to the Nexus for either playthrough.

That about sums up stuff from my end.

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I would love to beta test if it still going

Btw, Carlos, you can edit your comments so you don’t have to leave 10 in a row.

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