Millennial Group Leader questions

Hi all! I just found this trilogy in the play store and I absolutely love it. :smile: I’m about to start my Herofall game when I happened on the stratgey guide for this. I saw that you can become the leader of the millennial group at the end but need a high soloist score. Is this right? I would think you would need a high teamwork score to work with a team.

That would explain how I never got Millennial Group Leader, even though they liked me, we were allies, and my teamwork stat was high. Someone else might correct me, but it sounds legit.

How high was your teamwork score at the end? I thought it was a typo with the guide and you needed a teamwork score of over 75 for it.

I thought it was almost maxed out - I have most of the achievements in the trilogy and tried for it at least three times. But reading the guide you mentioned for the first time (the one on the Facebook page, by the author, right?) it did sound like they got some stats wrong. All of them stated something like (if stat >65) and then if (opposing stat <65), so yeah, that would be the same thing.

So now I have to play again (oh, twist my arm) and see if I just barely missed it. I do recall some of the options for raising teamwork vs. soloist not making sense to me, so it could’ve been something like 70 and I’d thought it would be high enough. I’ll update when I have a chance to replay Herofall (unless someone who knows for sure gets here first.)