Is there any way to be a solo hero without making everyone hate you?

I just bought and played Heroes Rise: Prodigy.

I was trying to make an independent solo hero, but the only choices to raise or even simply maintain the solo stat was to make everyone hate you, including your sidekick, Black Magic, and the Millennial Group.

I can understand not wanting to join a team, but is there any way to keep your soloist status above 60% and not make everyone hate you, specifically Black Magic?

Actually, I think this is really my main issue with some Choice of Games stories. It’s too min-max stat focused and essentially, there are no choices. Rather than letting stats be a bonus or a door opener to more choices, you’re forced to stack a specific stat and you stuck in a train ride to a single destination.

Why can’t I be a hero and still be cool with people, like comic superheroes?

Hmm, I’m not sure (it’s been a while since I played it), but I remember that I was a solo hero on my first playthrough and I don’t think anyone really hated me. I’m also not sure how much of a solo player I was…enough to make her turn down the invitation to join the group on her own, at least. Which means the Millennial Group didn’t feel inclined to help me in the end.
But everyone else was happy with me. (Especially Black Magic, who I couldn’t turn down because that was before the update that made it possible.)

Buuut the game kinda turns you into a butt-monkey anyway, no matter what kind of person you are. It’s been heavily criticized in the past. Your choice whether you can live with it or not.

Well specifically, I’m at the part where I can play Diva’s game or talk back at her. If I play her game, my solo stats goes closer to team stats, which hurts my legend. If I talk back to her, Millennial Group and Diva hates me forever.

I just thought it weird that there’s no middle of the road or win-win situation here at all. Just a black or white choice here.

Personally, I didn’t feel forced to min/max in my HR playthrough – but that’s because I didn’t give a monkey’s for my “Legend score”. I just wanted to get a satisfying ending to the story, and I got that without joining the M Group. To my mind, that made me a successful independent solo hero.

Does being an extreme soloist in HR get you anything of interest other than a high Legend score? There have been other COGs where I’ve got drawn into the stats because getting a high stat unlocked more satisfying endings or bits of story… but with Heroes Rise I never felt that. It felt like Legend was detached from the actual gameplay, like it was supposed to be of intrinsic value.

And because it was clear that maxing out Legend was going to involve silly decisions – never more so than in Game 2! – I was just never inclined to try…

As far as I can tell xyorz, I haven’t been able to be ‘solo’ and yet get along with others as well.

Like Havenstone above mentions, for me to get a ‘satisfactory’ story, I had to ignore the whole Achievement thing (heck, I still question how rescuing the reporter was less ‘good’ than one’s sidekick…in my headcanon, I wasn’t rescuing the reporter for glory, but because she didn’t have an physical superabilities to get out of her predicament, whereas I would trust my sidekick to find a way)