Midsummer night's choice thoughts and thanks


It’s not live yet, but just to whet your appetite, if you are into such things…


What a wonderful tie-in. An author commentary is perfect for this genre of work. Color me impressed. I might steal this idea if I ever get to the point of publishing.


Yeah, @Gower is great. Is great have a direct link between fans and author . It helps both sides. even if people like me give him feedback from other game because I though he was the author too lol. Poor gower.


I created an account so I can say thank you for creating this game. I did three playthroughs in one day, bought the commentary, left a 5-star review on Apple, and recommend to some chatroom peeps.

The first playthrough especially delighted me, especially when the soliloquies started piling up. I might do some more playthroughs later and see if I can seduce myself.


Wow! Thank you much! I can’t adequately tell you what that means to me on a day when I am having trouble encouraging myself to sit down and write. It makes the difference between being able to be productive and going and taking a nap.

I’m really happy to be able to tell you that I am 430,000 words deep into my next Choice of Game, the draft of which will be done–I hope–by the end of August or early September!


When I played through the demo I knew I had to have the full game. One of the few games on this site that have actually made me laugh.


Sorry, the game felt a little linear to me and the romance options were forced. I love the way how you wrote it but overall, it could be improved.


I agree. It was a little linear, and if I could turn back time, I would have written the Morgan romance/relationship completely differently. I also would have expanded the Piccolita romance and relationship. I love Midsummer, and if I had to do it again, I would turn it into a half-million word extravaganza; but I just went ahead and tried to make my next game even better. It was a good learning ground for Tally Ho.


Looking at your growth over time is something that is special. I’m glad you made this game starting out as it set a higher bar of expectations that made Tally Ho that much better.

There are some authors that write their best first but most of us won’t. I think it is better that most of us improve over time, it makes it easier to look forward to what comes next instead of always looking back at what was.


And if I could find a way
I’d make all my games enormous…
and you’d stay…


Hey @Gower just wanted to let you know that your game was what made me settle on my bachelor thesis in media design! I’m creating an animated comedic summery short of Shakespeare’s plays since I fell in love with the world of Midsummer Night’s Choice in … 2016/2017? It was my first CoG back then and I even went through the hassle of translating a whole playthrough to my best friend over the course of months whenever we found time on long bus rides or cuddled in provisoral beds. We are both German and she does not understand English that well, but she was captured by the story as much as I was! And one thing led to another, I read dozens of Shakespeare’s original plays, learned to love them and even got to view some of them and read them together with my S.O.! So thank you so much for having such a meaningful impact on my life!

Also my best friend and I grew really fond of a certain funny characters, marveled at the Maroon Knight, laughed at the snarky outlawess and groaned together whenever Morgan opened her/his mouth :stuck_out_tongue: Also Growly became a running gag among the two of us.

I also tend to play this game from time to time again whenever I get sad and need some uplifting, gentle escapism!
And I cannot wait to finish my bachelor project

SERIOUSLY thank you!

(Also yes, Tally Ho is also pretty great :P)


It took me awhile to give this game a fair shot but I’m glad I did, probably would have played it sooner if I realized it shared the same author as Tally Ho. In particular it’s great about not punishing you for not succeeding in stat checks. It doesn’t really penalize you in any meaningful way or otherwise make you feel like an idiot. Even failure is entertaining. It’s pure fun. I love it.

Also, Piccolita has become one of my favorite CoG romances of all time. Every scene she was in was better for having her in it. Love at first sight, and a pocket-sized girlfriend is unique.


Just played this (after about six runs through Tally Ho falling in love with Rory over and over and over again…!) and it is DELIGHTFUL. @Gower, you write the most wonderful characters. Prenzie has my whole heart <3 I can not wait for your next project. SHOVES MONEY AT YOUR FACE


Thank you so much, especially for the money shoved at my face. I’m several hundred thousand words deep into my next game (first of a trilogy) and 3/8 through my outline. I’m hoping–hoping to have the draft of it done in late summer.

And you’ll see Rory in it again, too.


I am dying to playing this And I would still hoping for a p That wants jumping over their class level. I loved tally But what most i missed is an option to be a butler that deeply down where aimed to growing and become nobility themself. And not particularly loving Rori or Franc But used them to jumping and become noble.

The havoc the love and all rest of types are masterful portrayed but sadly tend to be from players characters with no real ambitions or desires of make real fortune and become something by themselves.


But not the super-cute Haze?

Too bad our dear author didn’t think to make our evil, magical twin a potential RO (though we can do the deed with them) until well after release, as that would have been really unique. :smiling_imp: Morgan was decent enough as far as CoG ro’s go and had some cute moments, but I have to say that @Gower has definitely grown as a romance writer, imho when comparing Midsummer to Tally Ho! (and hopefully when comparing Tally Ho to his new series).


I agree, but would like to argue, that it is harder to love the characters in Tally Ho! as RO or even friends (even if it oftentimes is worth it, but it does not come as natural to me as in Midsummer (…) ) as they are all vehemently and of course comically flawed people. But something about their dishonest/lazy/hedonistic/controlling/scrupulous tendencies just did not click with me hehe.
But I still enjoyed playing their paths very much, even if I was less immersed in that path of the story. Actually, there were great parts in most paths (e.g. the behaviour of Valentine and Haze(l) to reflect on their reality as being a play/a movie/ a game) but … but Valentine felt a bit manipulative and vain as I feel like you cannot be sure of his/her true motives with you and I particularly dislike the way he/she partially exploits his/hrr “cuteness”/“innocence” intentionally even after being seen-through regarding his/her profession.

Also: Petition to have an Aunt Primrose parody path as bonus-content for April 1.

She’d be a flawless RO. Trust me, it would be a flessing in disguise.


Oh aaaand @Gower I did finish my bachelor project/thesis on Shakespeare in the end (with the best possible score!) :blush: It is an animated comedy edutainment video and I would never have created it in the first place without Midsummer night’s choice!

  • greetings from Germany! :slight_smile: