Midsummer night's choice thoughts and thanks

Hi, all! I am the author of “A Midsummer Night’s Choice,” and I wanted to thank my wonderful beta testers on the forum. This release week has been weird and wonderful, and your comments really helped me polish it.


Loved it! Helped me get through some work shifts lol!


I didn’t beta test the game myself, but I did pre-order it and play it upon release. I was really impressed by it, and I ended up playing it twice in one week! Turns out playing a silver-tongued character is never a bad way to go. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not a beta tester but I loved the game lol. Its one of the only games I played more than once(one of like…two? ). Good job haha.

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I’ll send my thanks too.

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I didn’t beta test either, but I love the game. I’ve played it at least a hundred times and I’m still finding new scenes.


I’ve only played the demo so far, but I’m enjoying it a lot. Good job!


A hundred times! Woah. I kind of want to ask you who your favorite love interest (if any) was, but maybe this thread shouldn’t have spoilers in it.

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There’s definitely one I find more entertaining than the others… I think I’ll leave it at that :slight_smile:


Not a beta tester either. At first I wasn’t too interested in this game but some reviews changed my mind. Boy am I glad I gave it a chance. It is fun, funny, and just the right amount of cool. I’ve only chose one of the RO so far, opting to stay single my first playthrough. Great game

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I couldn’t be happier to hear you say that. I’m glad the reviews have been helpful. I have been finding them so oddly imbalanced in terms of where they have been appearing–there are over 110 for Android, 20 or so for iOS, and 5 on Steam!

I don’t know exactly what that means, or what it suggests about the audience on those different platforms!

And…if I’m mistaken, tell me…people who bought it here at the CoG site don’t have any platform for reviews, right? Someone wrote to me complaining that he bought the game here in preorder and wanted to write me a nice review, but couldn’t.

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I was not a beta tester but I enjoyed my first playthought. However when I tried the second playthrough I found the ‘Merriment’ stat locked at 20% and nothing I did changed the stat. Has anyone else experienced this?

How do I seduce myself? Is there a way to make your snow twin like you? I’ve trying but somehow it never works…

I just noticed this thread, and I wanted to say I really enjoyed the game, when I read the plot it became an eagerly watched must have for me and I must say I had a lot of fun with playing it. The humor and whimsy of a Shakespearean comedy were certainly there :slight_smile: Though I must say the departure from true Shakespeare in that the Duke’s daughter could live happily ever after with the heiress of the enemy duchy made me very happy!

The game was good but I felt it was kinda short. I felt everything was going by much too quickly. Before I got into the game. It was already end of Act 1. The choices did feel like they have different meanings behind it though. I sided with Baron at the end then double crossed him.

Just finished this tonight. Loved it. I smiled pretty much throughout the entire story. For me, the tone and dialogue and the ridiculous choices were just spot on. Loved the parts with the guy in the bear costume, the entire play scene, any scene with Prenzie, the little “Act 1” graphics, and all the lighthearted parts of the narration where you’d write things like “surely the birthmark will play no part in the adventure ahead,” or words to that effect.

Just left a 5-star review on Apple.


This is where the feedback goes, I think.

Played the whole thing in one day and really liked. @Gower clearly has a lot of strenght in writing out of the box choices and situations. Midsummer felt like this warm adventure, and playing it was a treat.

There was much to love, the writing is excelent, especially considering I barely knew where everything was going. I was surprised, laughed (Alas, my sorrow!) and was thoughtful in one whole game.

And it kind of felt like a real Shakespearean play, from the love squares to the magical creatures to the humor, I’m pretty sure there was a lot of research. I could even imagine wordly college professors trying to associate my MC’s fear of being trapped in the disguise of Jeremiah the blacksmith as a clear symbol of Jung’s study of the subconscious or something like that.

Just a question though: can the author tell how much of his knowledge of Shakespeare helped in the minutiae of writing the book, maybe with an example or two?


Thank you so much. That means so much to me.

So here’s the thing–there is some DLC in the works for this game that is going to offer commentary on all that stuff!

I am really excited for it. I have written about 150 annotations, which will teach, and explain the jokes, and so forth. I don’t know what the plans are for release schedule or price–But the material is completed and in their hands, even as we speak…


Oh, wow! I’d hop in for that. I think it’s so thoughtful of you to release commentary on the game.

I managed it!

I think you need to have high charm, and then convince good ol’ snow twin to be on your side. It’s particularly, ahem, interesting.

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